Friday, May 28, 2010


We all were able to go to the "beach" (lake) the other day for the first time! All the kids except for Tim went swimming. Obviously Mom and Dad didn't swim, but Dad did say the water was pretty nice. We brought our 2 kayaks and took turns. The only scary little event we had was when Chris and Isaiah were kayaking, after they got way, way out, someone let Lacy of the leash and she started swimming to Chris. We couldn't stop her, she just kept swimming to him. I was swimming trying to catch up with Lacy and at the same time was yelling to Chris but he was so far out he couldn't hear me. Finally I got Chris's attention and he understood that Lacy was swimming out to him and that he needed to paddle towards her. Anyway, once Chris reached her in the kayak, somehow Lacy got away from Chris's grab on her harness and started swimming all the way back in. It looked like she was struggling so Chris (out of panic) just jumped out of the kayak and swam to her and helped her swim back to the beach. It was humorous, but scary, and I honestly thought she was going to drown so I am so relieved that she is still alive!! On the brighter side, here are some pictures from our fun filled afternoon.

I took Timmy out in the kayak and he LOVED it!

Isaiah paddling...
Noelle and Hannah kayaked with a little help.
Before Noelle kayaked, I think she was trying to practice her paddling skills.
Chris and Rebekah kayaking together.

Timmy found this hole on the beach and was pretty concerned about it. Here he is talking to me pointing out the hole :)
He decided that he would solve the problem and fill it back up!
Cheese!! Check out his hair!

Tim kept making all these funny faces because of the wind, and I happened to catch one of those funny expressions!
A picture from Timmy's perspective.

Hannah goes back into the water.

Happy Memorial Day!
Blessings and love to all, Lindsey


  1. It looks like you had a ball!!!!! I love kayaking it so fun. You little brother is so cute, I just want to eat him up!!!!!!

    Much Love,

  2. Thank you Rose! I love kayaking too! I completely agree with you about my brother Tim! Sometimes I think he probably gets a little annoyed with all of us picking him up to hug and kiss him! I hope your day went great! With love. Lindsey

  3. It looks like everyone had fun. I'm so glad that Lacy is okay. That would have been awful if she didn't make it back to shore. Maybe we should leave her at home.... anyway I'm glad that she is alright too. Did Timmy ever get the hole filled in? Did the girls kayak very far? I love all of Timmy's faces; they make me laugh evey time I see a new face. I'll try to call tomorrow, or rather, maybe it's today. I don't know :D Give everyone a huge hug for me and give Timmy a couple of extra squeezes. Miss and love you all so much, Beth