Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chicken Picture

To answer Beth's question...
Here is a picture of what our chicks (the light brahmas) will look like when they are full grown!

Random Pictures

Yes, I am still here! We have been very busy lately and I just haven't had time to blog. So here are a few pictures I've taken recently!

Double Rainbow :o

Roses from our bush

PS the garden looks great and we are very excited to see some progress with the growing plants!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick Update

We have been so busy this past week that it seems as though the days just all run together. I guess it is that time of year again. We have most of our garden in and hopefully we will be able to finish it Friday. Our pigs are here, our chicks are here, and we have been having nice weather.
We are praising the Lord for his grace and protection. Yesterday on the way to our friend's house to help hay, we missed an accident by probably 30-45 seconds. We were so close that when we got there, there were no first responders or anything. They did arrive probably within a minute or two though. It was SO scary to figure out what was going on after we drove to it and then actually realize that there were people laying out on the side of the rode because it involved a motorcycle. We distracted the little ones so they wouldn't see anything, but the horror of seeing that is terrible and stomach sickening. It was so bad it made the news and the passenger of the motor cycle died and the driver is in critical condition. All we could do was pray, for the victoms, their family, and friends. We are just so thankful that the Lord can even use things like forgeting little ones' juice cups on the counter and dad having to run into the house to grab his back brace to keep us safe from incidents like those.
On a brighter note, here are a few things I learned since the last time I blogged:
  • While working for the Forestry Dept., check to see how much hose is left while cleaning them before you whip the hose around to get out kinks or you will end up with a huge bruise on the side of your knee
  • NEVER, NEVER hay in shorts (even if you have rubber boots that only leave a few inches of skin and think that it will only be a few truck loads).
  • Getting a sun burn on top of where you have hay splinters and cuts hurts REALLY bad!
  • Showering with sunburnt and cut up legs makes for a miserable shower
  • Planting seeds is nearly impossible with childrens' help no matter how many tactics you use!

I think I had some more, but I am too tired to think of anymore. Oh wait, that is another one:

  • Having a very busy week and staying up way too late every night is a really bad idea because by Wednesday your burnt out :)

I hope everyone is having a great start to summer!!

Blessings, Lindsey

Baby Chicks

Here are a few pictures of our new baby chicks :) We have only lost 1 so far which is pretty good.

We have 26 roosters for meat and 10 Light Brahma hens for egg laying. They are SO cute. Plus we love it because they are living out on the porch, not our house!!!

(Half) Brotherly Love

We have been moving the cows around the yard to eat down the lawn; however, when I moved them the other day I (accidentally) made it so that they could reach each other. They played with each other for awhile and I thought it was pretty funny!
Trey and Jasper!!

We're not doing anything mom, honest!!

Trey, don't! Mom's watching!!
It was pretty funny because it seemed that everytime they noticed I was watching them they stopped and started eating grass!


Bunny Cake

A long tradition in our family is that my grandmother makes a bunny-shaped cake for all of her kids and now her grandkid's 1st birthday. Because we are many hours away from her and she wasn't able to make one for Tim on any other of our visits to her or her visits to our house, Grammy sent up a bunny cake with Beth when she came to visit us.
We give it to the child to eat as little or as much of it as they want or sometimes they just demolish it!
Tim LOVED the frosting!

I was actually taking pictures on Beth's cell phone so she could send some pictures, via cell phone, to Grammy for her to look at. (Sorry for my hand in the picture)

Uh-Oh, did he actually like it???



New Piggies!!

Last Monday, we got our 9 pigs!! They are doing great and (so far) have stayed in their
fenced-in area!! When we first got them they were VERY timid, however we are making progress and they will know come over to us (especially if we have food or milk for them :). Here are a few pictures...
Here they are together (4 pink and 5 brown)
Noelle is enjoyed being able to be out with them on their first day!
Piglets are not very easy to take pictures of because they are ALWAYS moving around. But these guys at least stayed still for a few seconds so I could get this decent shot!

If anybody has ever wondered why we have the phrase "pig-pile", here is why....

Surprisingly, Hannah was able to pat the first couple that we brought down to the fence!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baseball Game

After a very prolonged break, I am back! We have had some very busy days lately (not to mention we didn't have an internet connection for a couple of days) and I haven't had time to upload pictures. The other day I finally got to go to one of Isaiah's baseball games so here are a few pictures!
Isaiah started off the top of the 1st inning batting...

He watched this high one go by...
Then he started the bottom of the 1st pitching :)
This one wouldn't move :( It is the whole team stretching out and getting a pep talk before the game from the coach and assistant coach.
This cute little munchkin tagged along too!
And so didn't this one! Noelle told me later on that Porter (her doll) was being loud so she took him out to the field and quieted him and put him to sleep!!

I, okay we, are so excited because Beth is coming home tomorrow for a visit! I don't think that we have huge plans or anything, but it will be nice to see her. Hannah is already dreading Beth having to go back to "work" :( Oh, and we also will probably be getting our 9 piglets tomorrow!! The fence isn't even up yet... oooops. I guess we're a little behind. Chris and I were going to put it up tomorrow but he was called to go into work so I guess that means I'll be doing it. Our chicks are coming on the 14th, so we still have time to get ready for them but time does go by so fast!

Love and blessings, Lindsey