Monday, August 24, 2009

Our New Arrival

We are all so excited about the arrival of our newest member! Our little Trey Victor arrived on Tuesday the 18th at about 7:10pm, weighing 90lbs and measuring about 40" long. He settled in well and is absolutley adorable!!! Here are the pictures of our newest arrival.

Hannah and Trey.

Our first time bottle feeding him the night he arrived.....

Noelle came down to say good night to him.

This picture came out dark, but I don't have very many of him.

Elizabeth says good night, too as Trey settles into his stall.

Although he started off well, he now has "shipping fever". He has gotten some antibiotic and will hopefully start doing better soon. We have to feed him a bottle 2 times a day every twelve hours. He is now about 10 days old and is still learning how to eat grain, hay, and grass and drink from a water bucket. If caring for him isn't like having another child, I don't know what is. We also have to go out throughout the day to try and get him to at least drink and if possible eat. I think most of us enjoy it though! Even though it is late into the summer, we are also getting 30 meat chicks and hopefully the kids will be able to catch a couple of pigs at the fair =)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


While two of our cousins were up, we somehow came up with the idea to climb a mountain about 15 minutes from us. It was my mom, Beth, me, Bekah, Isaiah, Noelle, Hannah, Tim, and our cousins Kayla and Ben. Although it was fun, it took us 3 hours to get half way up and down!!! I know we had alot of kids with us, but it was disappointing to get half way up and then have to turn around because it started to rain. Last September, Beth and I, Chris, Rebekah, and Chris's friend scaled that same mountain in under 1 hour! Oh well, it was fun anyways!

All of the hikers, excluding Mom, at the entrance sign.

Noelle, Hannah, and Ben turn and look long enough for me to snap a picture.

Panoramic from an outlook point.

Benji poses on top of some large rocks he climbed.

Kayla checks out the summit with a cool telescope they had out for hiker use.

We actually did have fun on the hike! I think it tired them all out too! On the way back down we took a trail which the kids enjoyed. It is more challenging than just walking down the gravel trail, but it kept them occupied!