Saturday, March 2, 2013

Changing times...

Blogging has taken a back seat, or maybe the trunk, with all the things going on right now, haha.
2012 was a year filled with changes and accomplishments, joys and tears, and struggles and triumphs. A few months into 2012, we were faced with the decision of heading south. My parents prayed long and hard and decided that moving to Florida was what the Lord had in store for us. But after months of packing and preparing we realized, in November, that our plans of moving were no longer a reality. So here we are in Northern Maine still. Because of preparations to move, all of our animals were sold, save the dog and cat, along with many other household goods and farm equipment. We spent the summer in moving mindset mode. Chris and I graduated from our Tech school in May and then it was full force ahead for Florida. Chris and I learned and grew very much because of our time and training at school. It was a big change for the both of us and we grew in different ways, but we can look back on the school year with smiles. The Lord blessed us with another precious baby in July. She is the sweetest baby! Madison never ceases to bring smiles to us all. We all enjoyed the rotating company that we hosted over the summer and the many bonfires and games of man hunt we had. Somehow we managed to throw in some paint ball trips and even Dad and Chris coaching Isaiah's baseball team. We enjoyed the fall here together doing firewood and some New England fall activities. Our Thanksgiving was quiet with just us and a cousin, but it was a joyful time to spend remembering our past and to look forward with bright hope for our future. I had the opportunity to photograph yet another beautiful wedding in November! It was such a great experience for me to work with another wonderful couple and their families. The Christmas season found us very quickly in the middle of a full school schedule and many other activities that we roped ourselves into. After we were all struck down by the flu, we were recovered enough to celebrate the birth of our Savior all mostly healthy! God is good! We have now been enjoying winter activities and continuing with school. 
Though they are completely out of order, here are a few photos of the past months =)
Isaiah got his first deer, a spike horn buck!
Dad, who had taken Isaiah, and Isaiah with his deer =)
Yours Truly

My beautiful Momma and Madison

 Our backyard...
God has blessed me every new day and gives me new adventures that I am so excited to see where they will take me! Since this fall, I have been going through the process of getting to know a certain young man =) We are now officially together in a relationship, and I am so looking forward to where this will bring us both =) God is so good! Until next time...
Lindsey =)