Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Noey and I made some blueberry buckle cake yesterday. I got some cute pictures, considering that she didn't want me to get her face ;) I didn't get the end result of the cake, but we had some extra help at the end....Hannah!
Noelle was ready to go with her pink apron! We started by greasing the pan....
Then we creamed the sugar and butter and added some eggs.
She did very well after the dry ingredients were added considering how thick the batter is.
I showed her how to fold the bluberries in, we only had a couple mashed blueberries ;)
And finally, we made the topping.
It came out VERY tasty, and it was enjoyed by all!

The Result of NO Dryer

Doing about 20 loads of laundry a week, these pictures are self explanatory in what happens when the Reynolds don't have a dryer. Although I said I wasn't going to post this, I decided that even though it IS embarrising to have your entire yard covered with drying clothes (that the WHOLE world sees when they drive by), that maybe someone will get a kick out of it!

We have another smaller clothes line hanging next to the driveway, too! Here is a poem I found, however contrary to my feelings on hanging clothes outside:

Ode to the Backyard Clothesline

You'll say I'm "quaintly countrified,"

Old fashioned - as you please.

But I love the sight of fresh, clean laundry

Tossing in the breeze.

To suspend each garment on the line,

Then give the wind full play;

To caress and gently fragrance

In that sweet "outdoorsy" way.

They bask in sunny radiance,

Towels neatly hung in rows;

Snowy linens snapping crisply

Darling dancing baby clothes.

And when at dusk I gather them

I feel extremely blessed

That line-dried and sun kissed cleanliness

Clothe the ones that I love best.

by Juanita M. Vernon


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch Up Post

As you can see by scrolling down, I have posted some of what has been going on this week. We started off very busy the beginning of the week and it hasn't ended. Rebekah had a softball game on Monday, Isaiah and her also had away games on Tues. and Wed., then Thurs. Isaiah had a home game, Friday we had off, Sat. Rebekah had to be at a field 45 min. away from us by 10:20am, and last but not least Isaiah had practice from 2:30-4 today which gave us enough time to eat dinner and get Rebekah and I to the field at 5 for a game at 6! This is what happens when the week before it does nothing but rain and you HAVE to make games up before play-offs start this Wed. Also this week during the day, we packed up my room (and Bekah's, too!) and primed, mudded holes, and painted it (pictures to come later)! It has been crazy to say the least! That is why this post is just random pictures of "stuff" which I will tell you about in each picture caption.

Just a woodpecker picture I liked.

Hannah posing cute (as usual) while on a walk in the cemetary.

Some spring lilacs which made the whole house smell like lilacs (a good thing;).

These pictures are of a snake which has been unofficially named "The Snake". When I was down in the garden working on finishing the blueberry bushes, weeding and multching, I saw The Snake. I really don't like snakes at all, especially after the story my grandmother told us. Chris was outside so he came over and took it to the woods, which gave me at least enough time to finish what I needed to before it came back. However, I ALWAYS have time for pictures!

It is quite long for a garden snake I think.
It creeped me out when I realized I was actually this close to it eye level when I moved the camera away! I thought I was zoomed in.. nope!

Hopefully I won't get behind like this again!

Art Work

Hannah had Mom trace her hand on a piece of paper earlier this week, and then she drew an adorable face inside it..... I just had to post it!!
Hannah proudly shows us her art work!!
A close up. Yes, she really did draw this by her self. Isn't it cute??!!


Sign of a Promise

The other day we had some rain, and I was able to get some pictures of a rainbow. It was huge! When you realize how perfect every condition has to be to make a rainbow, it is pretty cool to see one. Here are the pics:

Looking towards the woods from our driveway.

It stretched all the way over our yard!

Just another one :-)