Friday, January 30, 2009

What We've Been Up To

As many of you probably know, this time of year is basketball season. I thought that, even though I said I was going to post something different, I would do more current things going on. Plus, I knew where all my current pictures were and I would have to have time to search the archives for my older ones. The first picture I have to the right is of Rebekah looking on as some of her other teammates play. She is (starting from the far right) third to the left.

The second picture I have posted below, is of assistant coach Chris showing his boys at the warm-up before a game how to do a REAL lay-up! Chris really misses playing, however he has been enjoying coaching too. He really has a talent at basketball, so I decided to put one of him up too.

This picture below is one of Isaiah and his teammates as they match up on the center line. He is the first lined up closest to us with his arms resting on his hips. Sorry I don't have any action ones of them playing, but because Chris and I referee the games, I don't take pictures at the same time!

The pictures next are some of a craft we let the kids do when the weather was below zero. I am REALLY sorry for the immodesty, however it is much easier to wipe paint off their skin than get it off their clothes.

Hannah and Noelle do colorful paintings!

Noelle informs me that she has "accidentally" broken her paint brush!

Hannah looks a little dazed as she paints!

However, my absolute favorite work of art (sorry everyone else, you did a great job too!) was Rebekah's. She used the technique of putting the paint on one side and folding the paper in half. I thought it looked better than most (okay all) of the abstract art I have ever seen! I wanted to know if you guys might write what you think this picture looks like. I already have my idea, and I wanted to see what others thought!

I have also been taking pictures of the daily visitors that come to the house.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at everything, and I will definitely try to finish the "animal story" soon. We send lots of love to all, The Reynolds

Monday, January 26, 2009

This One's a Winner!!

Hello to all! I was so excited about winning a picture contest at a local picture gallery, I just had to share it! I really thought I wouldn't win, and the funny thing is, is that Isaiah asked me this morning (I found out today), if I won. I told him I didn't know, however I was quite sure I wouldn't. So here it is...

The picture is one from an ice storm that we got, and I love the light coming in from behind. On a side note, I noticed that I haven't put any up of Timothy. So here is one...

Love from us all, The Reynolds

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mom and Dad's New Room!!

I thought that because I have showed you all Beth's room, it was only fitting that I showed you Joan and Jeff's room. After being completely finished except cosmetics, we started by painting the walls a sage green, the focal wall of pine v-match was completed, and the trim was put up and polyurethaned. After that, they decided to put in carpet! They choose a neutral color, and it really gave the room a warm, cozy feeling!

The carpet rolled out and ready to get kicked in
Another view (focal wall to the right)

Carpet is finished!!
Sorry that the picture is a little funky.

They also were able to put in a new light fixture!

Once everything is moved back into their room and unpacked, I will hope to post it all complete! Hope you enjoyed! Lindsey

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Farm Friends

I decided that I should put up some pictures of the farm animals we have (or had). Some of them we do still have and I will specify as you look through the pictures. Enjoy!

A Rhode Island Red which we still haveA tired out meat chick the day we received them.
(We do not have these living anymore, only living in the freezer!)

Holding a meat chick
(this one had the same consequence as the above)

We also got this year some more laying hens called pullets.
(We still have these guys (well, girls))
The unfortunately thing is that we got them in some very warm weather and had to be creative on how to let air flow more freely into the hen house. Any new chickens have to be kept inside their new house for about a week before you let them roam free so that they know this is home. We put chicken wire over the door opening so that they couldn't get out.
This is a very adventurous meat chick that flew up onto the top of a piece of plywood before we could get the lower piece off. Because they were quite little when we moved them outside, they spent a good amount of time inside their little house before they were old enough and strong enough to venture outside.

They didn't know what to do!
Their first time out in the green grass!!
Next post I will show you the transformation these cute little guys go through! I know probably almost everyone is wondering how on earth we could eat such cute little things, but believe me, these cute little chicks grow so fast and get VERY ugly and VERY stinky VERY quickly!! I will also do some of the pigs. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our little farm animals!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hair Salon

Because hair dressing runs in the family, I have been cutting Hannah's bangs ever since, well, she needed them cut! I got some pretty darn cute pictures of the hair cut she received tonight! And because of the 2 year old attention span, it usually takes 2 hair cuts to get them right! Oh well, she is TOO cute for me not to put them up! Love, Lindsey
Still some left!

Another picture?! Cheese!.. This is the last pose right? Come on Lindsey, this has gone TOO far. TAKE THEM OUT! :-)

Elizabeth's New Room!

After a very long time of being out of her room, Beth was finally able to have the space she once called her own back. Last Monday was her first night in her finished room, and boy was she happy! Her idea in the beginning for her decor for the room, was to be able to match the red carpet. No, that was not her choice of carpet, but is has been there since we moved in, and because it was in good condition, she decided to play the design off of that. I think she did a great job! After priming, we were able to put on her wall color, a beige, and then used the same color on the pine v-match that runs horizontally around the entire room. It did take some time to stretch the paint out enough in order to get the look she wanted, but it was well worth it. It also took her a long time to stencil, and after much stress, she is now able to enjoy it all!
After getting the trim put up, the base board put up, and the rug cleaned, she was able to put up the curtain, and bring in the bed. She has a BEAUTIFUL bed set that she got for Christmas, and she is enjoying it the way it is right now....CLEAN! :-) I hope you all enjoy the pictures of the finished room and I will do Mom and Dad's room when their carpet is installed on Thursday.
Love, Lindsey

Her bed with the bed set on! (Not on the frame though.) (Closet to the right.)

Her new window and window treatment!

The antique-washed pine with rose and vine stencil

Her beautifully embroidered bed set!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I thought while I was on here I would do a really quick update of the weather. Actually this was fairly warm seeing as when Dad was up at 3:30am to load wood stoves it was -21. This does not include wind chill either! Friends of ours reported -42! Not joking either! It has gotten somewhat warmer, but we still will be looking forward to spring! So all those pittying themselves about having to deal with 30 degrees, please think of us!! HAHA! Looking forward to showing you all our newest accomplishment in our house!
Love you all, Lindsey on behalf of everyone!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

April Father and Daughter Retreat

We would like to start our blog off with the most exciting event of the year for a few of us. We then hope to alternate back and forth from current back to a re-cap until everyone is caught up!

Jeff, Beth, Lindsey, and Rebekah were blessed to be able to go on a Father and Daughter Retreat at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. What a time!! We started off our trip by renting a REALLY awesome car......

A Ford Edge!!!

We then got to start our 1,423.90 mile drive!!! We had a lot of fun. We were able to get caught up on crocheting, reading, and of course, sleep!

We were also able to enjoy the beautiful areas that we traveled through, and all that green grass. (Please try and remember that when we left Maine, we left 3 feet of snow!)

We enjoyed the hillsides and roaming cattle of Pennsylvania and Virginia the most!

A beautiful bush that was on the highway. I couldn't believe I got such a good picture!

This is the second hotel we stayed at, but was the first that we stayed at in Georgia.

Rebekah waits patiently Friday morning for us to start the last part of the trip, to Callaway Gardens the morning of the retreat. We had about 1 hour left, which was a piece of cake to us!!

We made it!! We were all so excited when we saw this....

After registering, we walked around in the beautiful garden paths and saw..

Azaleas EVERYWHERE!!!!

On Friday afternoon in the blazing heat we played unity games with our dads.

We played jump rope (Blind folded! We had to listen to our dad's voice on when to jump!), we also had to go through an obstacle course, again blindfolded. And,

we did a three legged race.

We played croquet as well.

After enjoying father and daughter time, we had the best picinic ever! ( Southern cookin' is REALLY good! )

Saturday we experienced a High Tea :-)

And got our portrait taken together..

Then we had free time to go explore around Callaway. One of the places we went was the Callaway Butterfly Center.

We saw an array of really beautiful butterflies.

On Sunday we listened to a morning message, said good-bye to the friends we met and made, then packed up and headed north! Our trip down there was absolutely amazing and we were able to listen to many encouraging messages by different speakers. We would definately recommend going!! We all learned SO much going down there, and it definately impacted us for the better.

We hope you enjoyed looking at some of the hundreds of pictures that we accumulated over this trip as we tried to highlight the most important parts of our trip. Until next time, The Reynolds

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home on the Farm

Hello one and All!! I guess it is the season for blogs! For a while now we have wanted to start a blog, seeing as all of our family is spread across the country. We thought this would be a nice way to keep everyone updated and be able to put pictures up for all to see. With many requests coming in to see all of our livestock we raised, our newest arrival, and just everyday life happenings in general, this is definately the best way to go!

We would like to do a re-cap of the summer with some pictures of our garden, the pigs, the chickens, and other fun and exciting things we did over the summer, and even before and after. Hopefully we will be able to get everyone up to speed on the life of the Reynolds. We hope you all will check back often as we hope to continually post everything going on. Please enjoy everything you see, maybe even tell us what you think, but most of all...... ENJOY!

Love Always, The Reynolds

These were our adorable piglets, Piggybank and Ethel, on their first day running free in their area!