Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Are Still Alive =)

Here is a picture-filled post to start catching everyone up on what we have been up to!

The garden tilled and ready to have seeds planted.

Carrot beds that Chris and I built.

But then Chris left me all alone to fill them, so Rebekah did some scooping!

Rows of...

Bush Beans!!

A dandelion blowing in the wind...

Weeding out some of the blueberry bushes...

Of course we couldn't forget these cute faces!! (Did you notice that they are both wearing cowboy/girl boots??)

Busy Bees on the blueberry bushes :)

Lovely clouds on a summer evening

And lastly, a few pictures of Lacey and Benjamin Bunny playing in the yard...

Aren't they SO cute??


Friday, June 24, 2011

106 Years Later

I have had some major problems uploading pictures from my computer and camera on to my blog so I am just doing this quick post. I have just returned from a wonderful stay with some AMAZING friends and after having a conversation with them this morning it made me do some research. I was SHOCKED when I saw this picture of a beach in California from 1905. It is so sad to see how far our society has fallen. Obviously I cannot post a progressed picture of a beach nowadays, but I thought this was a great reminder that we Christian ladies can begin to take back out culture and we could begin even with just modesty!

(Photo credit Wikipedia)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cowgirl Noelle

My brother informed me that I have been doing too many "nature" photo posts lately so I promised him that at least my next post would not be a "nature" post! Here are some really cute pictures of Noelle from the other day playing cowgirl in the yard. =)Lindsey