Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Favorite Video

I took this video of Timmy one day while Beth and I were doing stuff in the kitchen. Tim knew that he couldn't go get the cat or crawl onto the hearth to get the food and water. He gets so upset because he knows he cannot be naughty! So this video just proves that even 10month olds know the word "No"!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Things New

Wow! It has been so long since my last post! I decided to do just a big post to catch everyone up. Things are finally starting to settle down a little near the end of a VERY busy September. We are losing light fast these days and the weather has been quite crisp. It is already time to switch our clothes over I guess. We have had a couple of frosts which is good weather for the apples to sweeten up, unfortunately I wish we could have had nicer weather longer. We have had a couple of nice days though, so it will help transition us into fall weather. Animals keep growing and being added it seems like almost constantly. Here are the latest pictures. I was able take all these pictures with my camera although some didn't come out great. It is very hit or miss to get a good picture. It seems as though I may have to get a new one :(

Here is our beautiful Appaloosa, Cainy. She is very sweet, however, like any other horse she has tried to pull some silly stuff while lunging or riding.

Our meat chicks are growing fast! Right now they are still kind of cute, but not for long!

This is our newest calf, Jasper. We are VERY thankful he is healthy unlike Trey. Although he is definately not the smartest thing, I would take that over being a sick cow! Isn't he cute though!?!?

Here is Izzy. She is very sociable and loves us to play and visit her. She is now outside in her fenced in area and loves to root around.

We have a start on our winter hay for the animals.

Here is Trey with Jasper in the background. He is finally healthy!! He got loose today because the lunge line broke so we are very thankful he is a people cow and came right to Dad and Chris! I guess all the time we spent around him will help us with situations like these!

The new chicken house! It is very large and it even has a loft in it! I really like that it has a divider so we can keep grain, corn, etc. in the front part of the house and the chickens can't come trying to run out the door when you open it. Dad did a great job!

Our apple trees are doing great and pretty soon we will be harvesting them! YUM!

Adorable Timmy in the field while the rest of us are putting fencing up for the pig. He was so fascinated by being surrounded by such tall grass he would just stay in one area for a while.
It worked out great! He is clapping to show that he likes being outside in the grass =)
On one of the chilly mornings the fog was rising from a pond in the mountains and the sky was absolutley clear; it was beautiful! I couldn't resist a picture.

Well, for now I think that brings you up to speed. Next month we will be getting about 5 new pigs to raise over the winter for us and others. I am REALLY NOT looking forward to lugging buckets of water to all the animals this winter = (

Until next time

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My camera has been, and will be for a while, out of comission since my last post, however I thought I could at least tell you what has been going on. Well, right after my post about Trey he started doing worse. I thought we were going to lose him; he refused to eat anything that we tried to feed him. That made him weak and he was literally shaking from having no good nutrition. A few other things happened that are too gross to tell, but I can tell you that after antibiotics, Pepto Bismol, and long hours of nursing him back to health he is back to a healthy, frisky calf! YEAH!

Isaiah did follow through and caught us a piggy!!! He named her Izzy, and she is the cutest little thing. He loves going down, as do the other kids, and spending time with her. Both Rebekah and Isaiah were picked for the scramble. Poor Rebekah had her pig grabbed from her while trying to get it in the sack!! She didn't know what to do!! She went to go get another one but by that time the others were taken. The ratio was 2 kids to 1 pig in her age category. It was funny because it was a boy quite bigger than her that took her pig. Oh, and it was a farm boy!! At the beginning the announcer knew the boy and said it would be shameful to him if he didn't catch a pig because he lived on a farm, so instead he let Rebekah show him how to catch them and then took it! Oh well =D We will probably try for another one this coming weekend.

We did get the meat chicks in as well and they are doing well. We didn't know when they were coming until we got a call from the post office saying they were in! We hurried and through a box together for them and it worked out fine.

I was going to wait..... but I can't! We are getting a horse! We will be getting her in the next few days. She is a strawberry roan colored Appaloosa. She is about 15 hands and is really good with kids. I had to give up driver's-ed for a while, but it is worth it. I will try and get pictures of her on her somehow. That will bring our animals to:
  • 1 dog
  • 1 cat
  • 22 laying hens
  • 30 meat chicks
  • 1 calf
  • 1 horse
  • 1 pig
Well I think that is it, and even if it wasn't I would stop because a certain little someone took a PERMANENT black marker to our keyboard and colored ALL the letters in. I am not a great typer so it has made it very challenging!