Saturday, May 30, 2009

Apple Blossoms

Hey all! We have been spending the past couple of days working on mowing the lawn and cleaning. We have one push mower, and thanks to our neighbors, we used one of their push mowers as well. If you have seen our yard you should probably remember just how big it is and how daunting this task is. Well, with team work we were able to get it done. It was difficult trying to get it done around all the rain we have been having. It would rain and then the sun would come out and the lawn would grow some more. Okay, here are some pictures of our beautiful apple blossoms.

An entire tree in bloom.

Close up of a blossom bundle, buds and flowers.

Chris helped me scout out the fat, cute, pollinating bumble bees so I could capture them (not literally). I am not quite sure why I think they are cute, but I do :) I love being under the trees looking up at all the buzzing bees.

My favorite one I took....

A bumble bee in action.

Hopefully I will have something more interesting soon!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Great Time of Celebration

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our cousin's wedding! I would like share some pictures of the great time we had.

The sign everyone drove by heading towards where the ceremony and reception took place.

Three handsome dudes waiting for the wedding to begin.

I didn't get very good ceremony pictures, but these are some ones after the ceremony.

The whole wedding party. Elizabeth is the 3rd to the right.

The beautiful bride.

Bride and Groom.
The reception area.

The awesome centerpieces!!

The scrabble letter cake. The Groom proposed writing "MARRY ME" while playing scrabble, so this cake was very special to them.

They had beautiful, personalized napkins made.

The breakfast-for-dinner (the food was SOOO good!) menu with a napkin.

Noey smiles for me while waiting for dinner.

My cousin Alex smiles with a mouth full of food!

Elizabeth with two of our cousins, Priscilla and Halie.

Priscilla and Beth.
On Memorial Day we stayed at our aunt and uncle's until about 3pm, so we got to swim and have a little cookout. Here are a couple of pictures.
Back row: Kayla, Rebekah, and Chris
Front row: Isaiah and Benji
Noey wasn't completely naked as she paddled (rowed) herself around the pool! ;-)

We also had a really great time hanging out here too! I'll post pictures of our apple trees in bloom soon!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pitching Video

Hey, I was able to let it load this morning and it worked! I accidentally hit the shutter button too soon, but the batter is out. He is a very good pitcher, both in placement and speed. I guess that would have NOTHING to do with practicing with his older brother! ;-) Everybody loved the show he put on for us! Happy Memorial Day again!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello. Before we head down to Massachussetts I wanted to post Isaiah's first game. He came in to pitch in the 4th inning and racked up 7 strike outs in 3 innings! He allowed only 1 run in those 3 innings, and the other 2 outs were made by the 3rd baseman. It was a very well fought game. They didn't win, but at this level it is not about winning so much as just having fun and learning. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, and lets take a moment to remember all those who have, are, and will serve this great country. We will, as I said, be in MA for our cousin's wedding on Sunday. We are looking forward to seeing everybody and having a great time at the wedding. Happy Memorial Day!!!


Isaiah up-to-bat.

He got walked from getting hit in the thigh and he would like me to tell you he came home from the game with a souvenir... a nice welt that was purple. He did get to second base where he is in this picture.


GOOD GAME!!!! Shaking hands.

Isaiah is second to the left.

Together with the team in the dug out "breaking down".


Again, Isaiah is second to the left, number 21.

PS I have a video of Isaiah pitching, but the computer won't load it tonight. I will try when I get home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Timmy's Reaction to Flash

Hello. This post is entirely Timmy. He is SO cute! When I was taking pictures of him yesterday, he caught on to that every time he heard the little "ding" noise of my camera focusing that the flash was coming. He was making making some REALLY funny faces at me. I took a video of him with my camera and just made the sound. He is the best in the beginning of the video, but still cute for the rest. Tim also learned at the end of the video that it wasn't flashing at him so he didn't make as funny faces. The pictures are adorable too. Enjoy!
Timmy poses.

Some pictures in-sequence of his faces.

Isn't he TOO cute???!!!

Isaiah's first game is tonight, so I will be posting his game soon.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello to all. 'Tis the season for baseball and softball. I thought I would do some pictures of one of Rebekah's game. Isaiah hasn't had games yet, but when he does I hope to get some pictures up. This is the second year our town has had a softball league, and the girls have come a long way. The games have been very fun and exciting to watch. They have won 2 out of 4, so considering the teams they lost against, they have done outstanding. Rebekah plays catcher and is very good at it. Noelle has also started t-ball this year! :-( It is so unbeleivable she is old enough to play...they grow up too fast! I will also do a game of hers when she has one. Okay, enjoy the pictures.

Rebekah ready for the ball. She chose number 8 as her jersey number... wonder why?!

A friend of hers makes contact with the ball and gets a single.

Slaters playing defense.

A pitcher of ours.

And finally, we couldn't forget the cheering squad composed of Isaiah, his two friends, and Noelle. They were SO cute. Not to mention when they started cheering, we had a very exciting couple of innings with lots of hits and RBI's.


Friday, May 8, 2009

The Contrast of Boys of Girls

Hi! Here is the other promised post. We have been quite busy the past couple of days so it is nice to have a second to blog. Enjoy!

This is what was going on during a rainy day the boys had friends over! (Yes, Mom was in the room watching the WHOLE thing.) It took the younger boys quite awhile of bugging the older two boys, but they got what they wanted!

Okay I lied, so there was a girl... Lacey was the only girl to participate in this wrestling match!They got themselves into quite the pile-up.

Just steps from the wrestling match, the girls occupied themselves by playing Seen It in the dining room.

After a little while mom had them stop, but they did pose for me!

I also got a video of them. This is near the end and they are all pretty tired. I hope you all have a great weekend!


PS As my new background says: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! to all of you moms!!