Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nature Pictures

I went on a walk today with Rebekah, Isaiah, and our friend Cassidy and snapped a few pictures along the way. I also did a little photo shoot with Rebekah and Cass and will be hopefully getting some up soon. Tonight I start a photography class and I am looking forward to being able to further my picture taking skills! Pray for me :)

All this tree's bark is eaten off

Our state flower... I know it's kinda wierd!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Massachusetts Trip

When we were in Massachusetts our family, along with our grandfather, was able to take a trip into Boston. Here are some pictures!!

Bunker Hill Monument

We went aboard the oldest commissioned Navy war ship...

They have names over all the cannons.

An old log book.


I was also able to do a mini photo shoot with my cousin Priscilla, I think that the results were pleasing...

And a nature shot for good measure!


Easter Fun With Our Cousins

We enjoyed a visit from our aunt and three cousins in April and I wanted to post some photos of the fun we had!

We decorated Easter eggs and I even indulged myself and made one too!

Alex showing us one of his eggs

Noelle likes orange...can you tell?!?!

Hanny ;) Sorry about her hair, she is growing out her bangs and we didn't have them clipped back during egg decorating...oops!

Priscilla liked the stickers!

Everyone getting in on the fun

Connor being goofy while making a Resurrection bun



Blog Post #175!!

In honor of my 175th post, enjoy some spring flowers!!