Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell Fair Piggy

Yesterday Izzy was brought to the butcher :( Isaiah wasn't very happy so I told him to go down and say goodbye and I would take some pictures. So he did.
Isaiah bids Izzy farewell...

Chewing on the rubber of his boots for the last time...

Dad built a crate that we loaded her into and then loaded it up on a snow mobile sled, pushed it up to the driveway, and then hoisted it into the bed of dad's truck. To my surprise anyway, it went very well. She didn't go willingly into the crate, so we put a rope around her middle and Dad and Chris pulled her in and I screwed the plywood on the back. She squealed some but once she remembered that her slop and grain were in the crate, she stopped squealing and ate. From then on she was fine and actually didn't even want to get out of the crate at the butchers (who would??). We were hoping to get at least 200lbs of meat from her and when we found out that her hanging weight was 252lbs(!!!!!!!) we were thrilled. That is alot of meat! YEAH!! Now we just have to wait patiently for a couple of weeks to get the finished product.

Keeping Themselves Entertained...

Most times (I said most), Hannah and Noelle do a good job playing together and finding ways to entertain themselves. From playing house and school, to drawing and reading books to each other, it really helps during the day. They do preschool and kindegarten papers as well with us, but it is very helpful that they are content with playing with each other. Here are a couple of the ways they occupy themselves...
Hannah and Noelle took almost all, if not all, of the Little People and created a set-up on Hannah's couch. They were SO proud of it!!
A close-up of the people.
Noelle drew this incredibly cute picture on the Magna Doodle...
When asked, Noelle told me, "It's just a funny guy with glasses and lots, and lots of teeth". Oh, Noelle is just too cute!!


Homeschool Valentine Party

We had a very fun time last Wednesday at the annual homeschool Valentine party. The kids decorated bags, passed out Valentines, played games, and best of all... enjoyed ice cream sundaes (so did the adults)!!!
Rebekah and I made these cute Valentines for the party. She went to Family Fun and got the idea and I only helped her cut and assemble. I thought they turned out great!!
Playing some games..

Timmy was so tired ;) I put him on a table for a minute because my arms went dead from holding him so long. So while I was next to him, Chris took this picture. He was so content to just watch the kids play games. His face just cracks me up!!


Vacation Time!!

Except for the fact that Connor and Alex got the stomach bug on Monday, we had a great visit with our family! We had a relaxed few days watching movies, playing Wii, and playing games. They were also able to come to our homeschool Valentine's party with us. I didn't take many pictures, and for some reason didn't get a good one of Alex (sorry Alex, I really do love you!).
The cutest little toddler!! I think this is probably one of the only picture without too much noticeable drool :)
I caught Connor's reaction as he played a card (in a game that we were playing) that allowed him to steall ALL of EVERYONES resource of his choice! I can assure you nobody else thought it was funny!
Here is the game board of the game "Settlers of Catan" we were playing when Connor played the card mentioned above. It is a very fun game that a gracious friend let us borrow for awhile Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L. and family!! . It has alot of strategy and the ability to barter and trade involved.

This last picture is a sweet one of Chris and Priscilla cuddling :o


Dress Up Fun!

At any given day, it is not uncommon to have some of the kids at the Reynolds house "dressed up". Sometimes it's princesses and knights other days it is frontier life or cowboys and Indians. Here are some cute pictures that mom and I got over the past week or so.

These pictures Mom got of Noey. Noelle is the cutest cowgirl ever!! Yee Hah!


"Howdy partner!!"

Isaiah was a pirate the other day :) He picked out his own poses. Notice that he has plenty of weapons at hand!

He had to be completely serious the whole time, pirates don't smile I guess! I did a full beard with mascara, but he decided against it and instead we did a funny mustache with a little goatee with eyeliner.

Putting away the pistol ;)

Noelle and Hannah were pirates earlier that day too! Argh!!


My First Wedding Gift

Last Saturday, Elizabeth, Chris, and I had the privilege of attending a friend's wedding. We were invited very last minute (Tuesday night) and already had a pretty full week planned. We decided that we did want to go but our next dilemma was a gift. Some of us brainstormed and decided to go with a quilted table runner. I found a nice pattern online, with very minimal instructions, and then we went to town. My aunt helped us decide on the fabrics and then until 12am Mom, Beth, and my Aunt Carla worked on cutting out and I put together. It turned out fairly nice and I decided I needed to look past the imperfections and be happy with it!! Here are some snapshots...
I picked a runner with hearts which I thought was very appropriate for a wedding and February!! These are the hearts laid out after some of the runner was assembled.
At the end of Tuesday night...
The next 3 are the finished product!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy (Late) Valentines Day

Well, it's a little late to post Valentines Day things seeing as I already changed the background and I am finally editing this on February 27th, but nonetheless I will post it. Here are a few pictures of our family Valentines Day dinner...

This IS an odd picture, but Isaiah actually wants it up for all to see! This was his face when I caught him reaching for the food before everyone was ready.

Hannah displays a funny face as well while patiently waiting for pizza.

The pizza! Usually we make heart shaped pizza every year, but as the familys grows it is much easier to just make regular rectangle pizzas. For our dinner we had pizza, salad, and the Reynolds' family traditional Valentines Day drink, Shirley Temples. YUM!!

Oh yes, and we also do a "candlelight" dinner. Although, we always have some other form of light on... it is very hard trying to see with only 2 candles on our long table as we try to help the younger ones. This picture didn't come out good, my camera has a hard time getting pictures with light from other light sources.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outside Fun

Here are some really cute pictures of when the kids were outside playing...

Isaiah and Noelle!!

Hannah, Isaiah, and Noelle all play in the front yard. (Notice how small the snow banks are ;)
It was so nice out today that Mommy took Tim out for awhile and he loved it. After I said that I can't imagine what this summer will be like with him always wanting to be out, Mom said, "I can, bug bitten and swollen from never coming inside!" He absolutely loves being outdoors even all bundled up! Here are a few, okay, maybe more than a few, of the cutest little man ever!!

These next four were taking in sequence...
Seriously, can it get cuter??!!! Here is the last one of Timmy. He just stood here for a long time just taking everything in...
We are now anticipating the arrival of our aunt and three cousins this Saturday. We are SO excited and just can't wait!!

Science Fair

Hello Again!! I pleased to say that the stomach bug seems to have completed its course here at the Reynolds! Everyone except Mom got it. I came down with it Thursday, but thankfully was recovered in time to be at the science fair!!I was able to finish up my display board..YEAH! I am really not into science (AT ALL), but with the work I had put into it, I wanted it completed. Rebekah and Isaiah were able to get their board on birds done, however Chris didn't finish his. Chris wasn't able to attend either. :( He was sick on Wednesday, but it really hit him hard so he didn't feel up to going to the science fair. Here are pictures of some different display boards. Again, the pictures aren't the best because when I turned my camera on the "dead battery" signal went on so I took as many as I could as quickly as I could!

Here is my display board at home. I did it on the flagellum motor which is in bacteria. At the science fair a lady said to me, "Oh, you are going to be a biologists or scienctist aren't you?" All I could nicely muster was, "Haha, no. Science just isn't my thing!!" Anyway, I was able to get a good in-depth study of it! (NOTE: somehow I managed not to get a picture of the younger kids display board so I'll have to put one up soon.)

Just some different display boards. Everyone did great!!