Saturday, February 27, 2010

My First Wedding Gift

Last Saturday, Elizabeth, Chris, and I had the privilege of attending a friend's wedding. We were invited very last minute (Tuesday night) and already had a pretty full week planned. We decided that we did want to go but our next dilemma was a gift. Some of us brainstormed and decided to go with a quilted table runner. I found a nice pattern online, with very minimal instructions, and then we went to town. My aunt helped us decide on the fabrics and then until 12am Mom, Beth, and my Aunt Carla worked on cutting out and I put together. It turned out fairly nice and I decided I needed to look past the imperfections and be happy with it!! Here are some snapshots...
I picked a runner with hearts which I thought was very appropriate for a wedding and February!! These are the hearts laid out after some of the runner was assembled.
At the end of Tuesday night...
The next 3 are the finished product!!


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