Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello to all from the frigid north! I was able to get some pictures of the kids skiing the other day. Noelle did quite well!! She just kept on trying and got back up when she fell down. Hannah was her tag-a-long to help if needed. They were a really cute team!!
Go Isaiah, go!!
Making it up the hill.
Hannah and Noelle set off.
Going down hill.

After a wacky weekend, we now have the dreaded stomach bug circulating around our house. We had done so well to avoid it. :( Isaiah started with it Sunday night, Dad got it Monday night, and now Noelle and Hannah have it. I am dreading oh so much having to get it. It is virtually impossible not to get sick once someone else has something. We also hope poor Timmy will not get it. He just got over strep throat, which nobody else got.. thankfully, and thrush. The good news is, Isaiah is over it and Dad is making progress. We are supposed to have a science fair this coming Friday and we are praying and hoping that at least there will be one healthy driver to bring the display boards up. Mom said whoever is healthy will go, all others will be represented by their display boards. I still have things to finish up, so that is what I will be working on tonight... I have a bad feeling I won't be healthy for it.
PS From the time I started this post, which was not long at all, to now, Rebekah has come down with it :(

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