Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Science Fair

Hello Again!! I pleased to say that the stomach bug seems to have completed its course here at the Reynolds! Everyone except Mom got it. I came down with it Thursday, but thankfully was recovered in time to be at the science fair!!I was able to finish up my display board..YEAH! I am really not into science (AT ALL), but with the work I had put into it, I wanted it completed. Rebekah and Isaiah were able to get their board on birds done, however Chris didn't finish his. Chris wasn't able to attend either. :( He was sick on Wednesday, but it really hit him hard so he didn't feel up to going to the science fair. Here are pictures of some different display boards. Again, the pictures aren't the best because when I turned my camera on the "dead battery" signal went on so I took as many as I could as quickly as I could!

Here is my display board at home. I did it on the flagellum motor which is in bacteria. At the science fair a lady said to me, "Oh, you are going to be a biologists or scienctist aren't you?" All I could nicely muster was, "Haha, no. Science just isn't my thing!!" Anyway, I was able to get a good in-depth study of it! (NOTE: somehow I managed not to get a picture of the younger kids display board so I'll have to put one up soon.)

Just some different display boards. Everyone did great!!


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