Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy (Late) Valentines Day

Well, it's a little late to post Valentines Day things seeing as I already changed the background and I am finally editing this on February 27th, but nonetheless I will post it. Here are a few pictures of our family Valentines Day dinner...

This IS an odd picture, but Isaiah actually wants it up for all to see! This was his face when I caught him reaching for the food before everyone was ready.

Hannah displays a funny face as well while patiently waiting for pizza.

The pizza! Usually we make heart shaped pizza every year, but as the familys grows it is much easier to just make regular rectangle pizzas. For our dinner we had pizza, salad, and the Reynolds' family traditional Valentines Day drink, Shirley Temples. YUM!!

Oh yes, and we also do a "candlelight" dinner. Although, we always have some other form of light on... it is very hard trying to see with only 2 candles on our long table as we try to help the younger ones. This picture didn't come out good, my camera has a hard time getting pictures with light from other light sources.



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