Friday, May 28, 2010


We all were able to go to the "beach" (lake) the other day for the first time! All the kids except for Tim went swimming. Obviously Mom and Dad didn't swim, but Dad did say the water was pretty nice. We brought our 2 kayaks and took turns. The only scary little event we had was when Chris and Isaiah were kayaking, after they got way, way out, someone let Lacy of the leash and she started swimming to Chris. We couldn't stop her, she just kept swimming to him. I was swimming trying to catch up with Lacy and at the same time was yelling to Chris but he was so far out he couldn't hear me. Finally I got Chris's attention and he understood that Lacy was swimming out to him and that he needed to paddle towards her. Anyway, once Chris reached her in the kayak, somehow Lacy got away from Chris's grab on her harness and started swimming all the way back in. It looked like she was struggling so Chris (out of panic) just jumped out of the kayak and swam to her and helped her swim back to the beach. It was humorous, but scary, and I honestly thought she was going to drown so I am so relieved that she is still alive!! On the brighter side, here are some pictures from our fun filled afternoon.

I took Timmy out in the kayak and he LOVED it!

Isaiah paddling...
Noelle and Hannah kayaked with a little help.
Before Noelle kayaked, I think she was trying to practice her paddling skills.
Chris and Rebekah kayaking together.

Timmy found this hole on the beach and was pretty concerned about it. Here he is talking to me pointing out the hole :)
He decided that he would solve the problem and fill it back up!
Cheese!! Check out his hair!

Tim kept making all these funny faces because of the wind, and I happened to catch one of those funny expressions!
A picture from Timmy's perspective.

Hannah goes back into the water.

Happy Memorial Day!
Blessings and love to all, Lindsey

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Party

Today we got to attend a birthday party! It was a lot of fun and the weather was awesome (well, it still is!). We enjoyed a cook out, cake and ice cream, presents and then the younger kids played a game of kick ball against all the adults. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Hannah even went and sat on a lady's lap she didn't even know while the kickball game was going on. I wasn't with her because I was letting out the chickens and giving the cows water so I didn't even know that was going on! Rebekah told me what Hannah did a little later when I went back over, but the lady didn't seemed to mind! I only got a couple pictures, but I thought at least Beth would enjoy seeing them (I don't mind anyone else enjoying them either, just some people may find it boring ;)! Okay, enough. Here they are!
Setting up the pinata...

Everyone getting candy.

Doing a little candy trading :)

Meanwhile, back at the house Tim and Ben enjoyed the sand box.

Until Next Time,


Oral Presentation

Hey all! We had a homeschool oral presentation Friday night so I have a few pictures to share. Unfortunately my camera battery was pretty much dead and I din't know that until I got turned it on. Oh well. They didn't come out good, but here are the few that I got!

One of the boys did a cannon demonstration. It was really neat! No, he didn't fire anything dangerous!
This young lady was the first to go :( She did really well though!

These little boys sang "Jesus Loves Me" and did great. They were so cute!!!

This little girl did a little report on guinea pigs and then showed us her two guinea pigs, Wilma and Matilda.

This was a drawing that the little girl on the right drew of her cat. She also told us a little bit about him.

Yup, I told you there was only a few and that they were bad. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends, we are having AMAZING weather!


Friday, May 21, 2010

My First Blog Award

First of all I would like to thank Rose from Through Rose-Colored Glasses for giving me my very first blog award. Here are the ten questions I need to answer:

1. How long have you been blogging?

My first blog post was on January 7, 2009

2. What's your favorite animal?

horse :)

3. How many siblings do you have?

7 on the ground, another on the way. So technically 8!

4. What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

That's a tough one, but depending on the season either riding/working with our horse or sewing

5. Have you ever wanted to fly?

If you mean like a bird...YES!!

Have you ever traveled out of the USA?

Yes, I have been to Canada :)

What's your normal bed time?

um... 11ish

How many books do you read in a year?

honestly, I haven't ever counted, I just read!!

What's your favorite author and why?

Tough one. thinking...... probably Lauraine Snelling because I loved her book series Red River of the North!

Do you ever wish you were famous?

Well, the cons definately outweigh the pros, but I must admit sometimes, yes I have wanted to be ;)

Again, thank you, thank you Rose for the award and asking some really good questions!!!

With Love, Lindsey

PS Rose, if I need to do something more or if I did something wrong, please let me know!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funny Faces

I, as you can tell, have been slacking in posting. I took a few pictures of some goofy Timmy faces last night and thought ya'll would get a kick out of them. Oh, guess what???!!! We got a vacuum!!!! I got it today and even though it is just a cheap one, we all were claiming different rooms to vacuum!! Me and Mom were arguing (not in anger) in Wal-Mart about getting the vacuum. I finally told Mom, "Hey, I am not sweeping the rugs anymore and I don't think you want to either, so too bad I am buying it!" So, she had no other choice :) HAHA, I won!

Goofy Tim picture #1

Peek-a-Boo :)
I love you Beth!!

Oh, yah. Noelle and Hannah had a "picnic" yesterday!!

I hope you have an awesome weekend, Beth!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Which I Post Tons of Pictures :)

Here is one big post of what has been going on the past few days. Enjoy!!

Noelle and Hannah drew this cute picture last night and I thought it would be nice to post it. But this morning Hannah got the idea to scribble ALL over it before I got to take a picture of it. Of course it made Noelle really upset seeing as she did most of it :( Anyway, the picture is of Noelle, farthest to the left, Hannah, middle, and Orrin H. all the way to the right. This is them when they are older and can hunt together! Noelle said that when they go on this hunting trip they will hunt for fox. Notice that the girls are wearing skirts (Noelle's idea)!!
Little boy in blue!!

Skipping through the yard. (Any pictures that I had cropped, Blogger wouldn't let me load, so this is from far away.)
Isaiah says "Hi" from an apple tree.
When we were outside this morning Lacey decided she needed a drink and helped herself to Trey's water bucket. Trey was not happy and was flinging his head back and forth and even tried to push her around with his head! I got a picture of them with their noses touching, but I had it on the flower setting so it came out really blurry.
I think Lacey is really brave, just look at the size difference!
Here are some apple blossom pictures. Due to my camera's accident, they didn't come out as good as last year :(

Look at the garden!!! Yeah!! Mr. H. came over yesterday and used his tractor to move the big piles of manure and he rototilled the garden!!
While I was cleaning up some stuff in the yard, I found this....
I had picked something up and there it was! Of course I screamed.(Yah I know, I hate snakes.)
I didn't have my camera on a good setting, so even though I got it striking, it blurred the head.
But not to worry, Chris put down in the woods :)

Okay, I think that's it for know!

We send our love, Lindsey

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Neat Video

Hello, I had sent some of my sheep shearing pictures to a local newspaper and together with my photos and another mom's photos, they created a video. If anyone is interested you can go to: and under "News From Greenville" on the right side, click on "Homeschool Sheep Shearing Field Trip". Please just ignore the picture of me and Rebekah. The other mom taking pictures wanted to get a picture of the two sisters holding two lamb sisters. At first she only took pictures of the lambs, but when her daughter (who happens to be my friend) said she could get a better picture, my friend took a picture with me and Rebekah in it. HAHA, Sarah..... NOT FUNNY!!! I guess I'll forgive you, but come on!!!
Anyway, if your interested check it out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moose Sighting

When I went to let out the chickens and give the cows water, I saw that the horse and cows were not happy. I turned the hose on and started to head down to do the animals when I noticed a moose walking over into the nieghbor's yard! I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. By the time I got outside again, it was about halfway up the nieghbor's front yard but I was still able to get a few pictures. It isn't abnormal to see moose in Maine, but it isn't common for them to walk through our yard.

A bull (male) moose. You can see his antlers starting.
He seems to have made it through the winter okay!

Heading home...
It was really windy so it was hard to get a good picture, but the forsythias are beautiful!
Look how HUGE the rhubarb is! I think we'll have to "put it up" soon :)
We send our love to you Beth!

Hint, Hint Auntie Renee :)

Noelle drew this really cute picture yesterday and when we asked her what it was she said, "Um, it's just Auntie Renee with another baby in her belly. This time it's going to be a girl." When we explained to her that that wouldn't happen, she was not impressed. The picture is so cute, I just had to post it!

Well, I couldn't move the pictures around so this is a picture that Noelle wanted me to post. It is 2 Mother's Day boquets that the kids picked for Mom.

This is the picture :) Too cute!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sheep Shearing

Well, I was finally able to take some time to blog the homeschool sheep shearing fieldtrip.
Not anything very fun going on to report, especially seeing as we have had to do a couple wood stoves the past couple of days. Need I say more :( Oh, we do have nice blossoms on the trees!
Our friend Mr L. just happens to be a sheep shearer so he did the shearing at the fieldtrip. Here he is explaining one of the positions you can put sheep in that they can't get out of and because they know they can't get away, they just sit. Pretty cool :)
TA-DA! Another position where the sheep can't move!
Some girls take an oppurtunity to listen and learn from the owner of the sheep.
This is an older lamb. They are all so cute!
Some of the herd came to visit us.
Hello there ;)
Some of the wool products from these sheep.

This was another great educational fieldtrip that everyone enjoyed. We even got to spin and card some of the wool. Even though we couldn't do the actual shearing, the owner made sure that there were other activities to entertain the kids. We all had lots of fun.

We love you and miss you Beth!