Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Which I Post Tons of Pictures :)

Here is one big post of what has been going on the past few days. Enjoy!!

Noelle and Hannah drew this cute picture last night and I thought it would be nice to post it. But this morning Hannah got the idea to scribble ALL over it before I got to take a picture of it. Of course it made Noelle really upset seeing as she did most of it :( Anyway, the picture is of Noelle, farthest to the left, Hannah, middle, and Orrin H. all the way to the right. This is them when they are older and can hunt together! Noelle said that when they go on this hunting trip they will hunt for fox. Notice that the girls are wearing skirts (Noelle's idea)!!
Little boy in blue!!

Skipping through the yard. (Any pictures that I had cropped, Blogger wouldn't let me load, so this is from far away.)
Isaiah says "Hi" from an apple tree.
When we were outside this morning Lacey decided she needed a drink and helped herself to Trey's water bucket. Trey was not happy and was flinging his head back and forth and even tried to push her around with his head! I got a picture of them with their noses touching, but I had it on the flower setting so it came out really blurry.
I think Lacey is really brave, just look at the size difference!
Here are some apple blossom pictures. Due to my camera's accident, they didn't come out as good as last year :(

Look at the garden!!! Yeah!! Mr. H. came over yesterday and used his tractor to move the big piles of manure and he rototilled the garden!!
While I was cleaning up some stuff in the yard, I found this....
I had picked something up and there it was! Of course I screamed.(Yah I know, I hate snakes.)
I didn't have my camera on a good setting, so even though I got it striking, it blurred the head.
But not to worry, Chris put down in the woods :)

Okay, I think that's it for know!

We send our love, Lindsey


  1. Really good pics Lindsay dear! That cow is so cute. I love cows:) Girl I am screaming with you!LOL

    Much love,

  2. It's such a wonderful post. I can't tell you how much it makes me miss you guys. Seeing the kids makes me want to cry; they look so cute. I really like the girls' drawing. What started them on the hunting kick again? The trees, animals, and garden look great!! Lacy was quite brave. I'm surprised Trey had any tolerance for her. That snake is amazing. I'm so glad you found it and not me :D Thank goodness,Chris is there to come to the rescue. Where would we be without him? Love you all so much, Beth

  3. Thank you Rose!! Yah, I love our cows, I think they are SO adorable!! =) Lindsey

    Beth, We all miss you too! The little girls ask every day when you are coming home. Hannah was looking out your window the other night and asked mom if you were coming home tonight. Mom said no, and she proceded to go over and flop face first onto the bed. She misses you SO much! Hopefully we'll see you soon!
    With love, Lindsey

  4. PS. Orrin came over when the garden got rototilled, and they took out the play guns and went "hunting". So later that night Noelle wanted to draw a picture of when they could hunt with real guns :) I love the way little kids minds work (most times)! It cracks me up that Noelle is so set on going hunting with us!