Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Neat Video

Hello, I had sent some of my sheep shearing pictures to a local newspaper and together with my photos and another mom's photos, they created a video. If anyone is interested you can go to: and under "News From Greenville" on the right side, click on "Homeschool Sheep Shearing Field Trip". Please just ignore the picture of me and Rebekah. The other mom taking pictures wanted to get a picture of the two sisters holding two lamb sisters. At first she only took pictures of the lambs, but when her daughter (who happens to be my friend) said she could get a better picture, my friend took a picture with me and Rebekah in it. HAHA, Sarah..... NOT FUNNY!!! I guess I'll forgive you, but come on!!!
Anyway, if your interested check it out!


  1. That was really cute. I used to have sheep and I still remember those days. Good times good times!


  2. The slide show was nice. I'm so glad Sarah took that pic of you and Rebekah. It's nice seeing some pics of you now and then. Thanks for keeping me updated. I really liked seeing the moose pics. Are the apple trees in bloom yet? I send my love. Miss you all. Love, Beth

  3. THanks Rose !! I wish I had sheep :)

    Beth, I knew you would say something like that!! Yes, the trees are in bloom and I will be posting them soon. Love you!

  4. Can't wait to see them. I really miss all of our spring foliage. Down here I've seeen some magnolia trees in bloom. They were really pretty. Also the forsythias and some rhododendrons (I don't think I spelt that correctly., oh well.) I haven't noticed any apple tress though :( Love you, Beth