Saturday, August 27, 2011

What God Hath Joined Together...

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to be the second photographer at a wedding!! I was very excited to have been asked. Of course I was really nervous with all the "what-ifs" questions going through my mind. Everything went very smoothly and I enjoyed the wedding very much! A few days ago I met with the other photographer and we went through the pictures and made a few edits to mine with her PhotoShop program on her Mac Book Pro. So now I am completely in love with the Mac Book Pro and someday hope to get one... before they are irrelevant!!!! Obviously I had a few hundred pictures from the day, so I just picked a very small amount so that I could blog them! Enjoy!!!

The bride peeks out the window watching the guests arrive.

Getting her jewelery together.

The bride, her mother and sister share a hug before the ceremony!!

Bouquets waiting on the table...

The groom gets approval from his grandmother and mother of his corsage before the ceremony.

Bride and Father at the altar.

Asking God's blessing on this holy covenant of marriage.

Mother and Father of the Bride during the ceremony.

2 of the bridesmaids share a quick hug during the prayer.

The bride's bouquet...

Husband and Wife! =)

The rings...

This is the bride's brother and nephew, and even though they were not apart of the wedding, it is one of my favorite picture of the day. And by the way, it looks even better on a Mac Book Pro ;)

First dance :)

I am not sure if there will be more pictures of the wedding or not, I had planned on doing more but it takes quite a bit of time to uplaod, so we'll see!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fair Day!!

A couple weekends ago, my whole family was able to attend a fair and we all had a blast spending time together and you can't forget the rides and food!! Here are a few pictures of the day...

The first thing we did was the Ferris Wheel.

Can you tell we were there early??!! Mom, Chris, Isaiah, Noelle, and Katie stayed on the ground for this ride!

I was so excited that I got the kids on the roller coaster. Tim looked a little unsure of the whole thing, but Hannah and Noelle LOVED it!

And what would a fair be without the Merry Go Round??

Rebekah looks thrilled... HAHA!! She was a good sport to help the little ones :)

Can you all believe it?? I put a pictures of myself in this post! *GASP* Seriously though, Hanny wanted me to go with her and how could I tell her no?? It had been a long time since I went on one of these slides and I have to admit, I had fun with her!!

Near the end of the day we got to watch a little Sea Lion show! They both were so cute!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away =)

We seem to have been having lots of rain recently... so I took a few pictures from inside...

Tim kept saying, "Wow, that's big rain!"

(Please excuse the diaper ;)

Our neighbor's driveway got a little washed out at the end!

A counter display of some fresh produce!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bountiful Blessings

As I am sure many of you who live in slightly warmer climates have already been getting produce from your garden, ours is now just really starting to produce. It is always very exciting and rewarding for me and my family this time of year and I would like to share a few photos of the bounty with more soon to come.

The blueberries are having another terrific year. Praise God!!

Corn on the left and soldier beans on the right.

Romaine lettuce.

Cabbage :) (A little chewed up, but still cabbage!)


Blueberries waiting to be picked

A rather large blueberry, wouldn't you say??!!


Have you met...???

Hello again! I wanted to introduce you to my special new additions to the farm! They are my 2 Icelandic ewes (female sheep). I absolutely adore them and they really help give our "farm" a real farm feel.

This black one is named, Penelope, and she is the mother of...

Phoebe :)

Both the sheep enjoy watching the other animals from their pasture. Here Penelope is observing the pigs eat breakfast.