Saturday, March 5, 2011

Valentine Party

My very special friend, Sarah, hosted a Valentine's party in February. We all had a great time!! Sarah was an excellent host and we enjoyed AMAZING food, a good movie, and having fun together. Oh, not to mention I got to wear a very formal dress (which since my aunt's wedding [I was the flower girl] I have not gotten to wear a pretty dress like that!!). Here are a some pictures...
(This picture was supposed to be at the bottom of the post, but it wouldn't move.)
Us after our delicious dinner getting our pictures taken together!!

Sarah snapped this picture of me doing hair prior to dinner.

Didn't she do such a nice job on the table?!?!

Our table setting complete with our own menu and dish of conversation hearts!!

After dinner holding our roses and being a little goofy!!

Thank you Sarah!!


Little Ones

I know that the setting and lighting for these pictures wasn't the greatest, but I think that the subjects totally make up for it!!

I LOVE this one!!



Recently we made some really, really yummy doughnuts for a special family breakfast treat. Here are the results...
Along with her smile, Hannah wears some powdered sugar on her face!
Before being fried...

After frying. (As you probably guessed, we made chocolate and plain.)
Katie REALLY wanted some, but we had to turn down her request of smiles and the opening of her mouth!! :)

Timmy approved of the doughtnuts!!