Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farm Update

I just wanted to put some pictures up of some of the progress of things around here. I didn't get pictures of everything so you'll have to keep being patient and wait for them. The pictures will not be in any particular order seeing as it's getting late and I need to be up early (well I should say earlier than when we have been getting up!).

We have ample supplies of black-eyed susans!!
Noelle and Hannah were trying to fly a kite tonight.
Hannah wanted to make a funny face because she said it would make Beth laugh!!
Noelle requested that I put this picture up even though it is blurry.

CHEESE!!!! Trey was being a nut when I was trying to take pictures of him. He is one week from his eternal departure from us and I am really going to have a hard time ;( I know, I know, it's pretty pathetic but he has been with us since he was a couple days old and we have been thru alot together!

The apples are doing well. (Oh yah, sorry for any odd colorations in the pictures. I didn't take pictures till later this evening and some shots needed the flash so they came out a little funny.)
Chris and Dad have been doing some burning and straightening up of the fire place thing ( a loss for words) area.
Blueberries are doing really well! YUM!!!
Our tomatoes are flourishing this year and we have already gotten to eat a few cherry tomatoes!
The pigs are also doing well and LOVE to eat all the weeds from the garden.
Squash plant...
These are our soldier beans.
Corn, corn, and more corn...

Noelle "hiding" in the corn!
Grean beans...
These are more grean beans that we planted after the original rows of grean beans to space out when we would need to pick them.
The peas are finally blossoming!!
I hope you all enjoyed the update! More to come soon...hopefully!!
Love and Blessings, Lindsey

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hey all!! Sorry you can't open the land picture any bigger!! When I have more time I will try to fix it!!
Blessings, Lindsey

Friday, July 23, 2010

Land Projects

So we are having about 8 acres of our land cleared and we had somebody come and map out the land with my dad and his awesome GPS. Then the gentleman that came and mapped the land out on his GPS put the section of the land they walked (that's getting cleared) on an aerial view map. I took a picture of it and used a program to quickly add some extras. I thought it was pretty neat and wanted to share it.

(Click to enlarge it so you can see.) There is an "X" on our house and garden plot.


PS I was talking with my dad and we own all the way back along the ATV trail.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Days

After a very busy weekend and starting VBS today, I decided that I would take some time to blog before I get to the end of this week and wondered where time went! Saturday was our town's Summer Festival and I was asked to take pictures of the events going on... so, I thought I would share some. The only bad thing about having to photograph the days events was that Isaiah had his All Stars game that same day. He pitched 2 innings in which he struck out 4 of the 6 batters out and allowed no runs to score. On top of that he batted 3 times; he got a hit the first at-bat and got on base, was hit by a pitch his 2nd at-bat, and then finished off with getting the game winning RBI!!!!!!! It was a bummer that we missed it (except Dad and Chris) but he had lots of stories to tell us. Without further babbling, here are a few pictures...
Isaiah doing the tire roll.
Rebekah doing the tire roll.
Dad even participated in some events (and got ribbons!!). Here he is with his partner doing the 3 legged race.
Rebekah and he partner showed everyone how it was done in the 3 legged race by taking the blue ribbon and finishing way ahead of their competition.
Isaiah, well.... I think he should stick to baseball!!!! ;)
And after the "Anything That Floats Race", I snapped a few flower pictures.
Well, that is all for now. I need to get to bed because we have VBS the rest of the week and I usually get run down by the end of the week so I should get some sleep while I can!! Have a great week!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farm League Champions!!!!

We had a very fun and exciting morning yesterday! Our day started early (we had to leave the house by 7:30am) but it was well worth it. The boys played hard and it payed off. They had 2 plays at home plate and both times they were able to make the outs!!! The had a good lead going into the 6th inning, however they only won by 1 point. Hey, like the coach said, "A win by an inch is as good as a mile in a championship game!" One of the best parts of the game was when Isaiah caught the line drive that ended the game! He was playing 3rd base and the tying run was also at 3rd base so he had to make that play for the 3rd out to end the game or else they could have lost or gone into overtime. Here are some pictures....
After being announced onto the field, Isaiah's team welcomes their opponents.
Isaiah first to bat in the game.

Playing 3rd base...

THE WINNING CATCH!!!!!!! His faced looked so shocked after he caught the ball. It was such a fast play that I think it surprised everyone!! (BTW the man on the field is the other teams coach who had to come in to pitch because there had been four walks that inning.)

Running in to celebrate!!!

All of the players start surrounding their coach for a group hug ;)

Lining up to shake hands.

Isaiah receiving his trophy.

C H A M P I O N S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Beth, I had several people come to me after the winning catch and say that they wish you could have been here to see that play and that they were sure you missed being at the game. I hope these pictures will fill you in a little. We miss you and wish you could have been there!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pictures from the 4th (finally)

Well, as you can tell, I'm a little late on posting. I didn't get very many pictures of the 4th's events but I'll share some of what I did get!

Leading the parade...

Bag-pipers follwed close behind.

Then a vintage US Army truck.

There were some very pretty horses too, including this one.

Oh, and a cute dog as well!!
This kids loved this one...(wonder why??!!)

And this one too!!
After we had a cook out, watched the parade, and went swimming, we did a little party with my choice of dessert, then quickly did the animals, and went to see fireworks. We had a very fun-filled day! I hope everybody else did too!!