Friday, September 21, 2012

Sister Sweetness

As spring turned to summer in a blur, it brought along another bundle of joy, but it also brought changes. The spring and summer which is usually filled with animals and planting, was filled with packing and selling animals as our family prepares to move south...very south! My dad was blessed with a job in Florida, and we are now in the final stages of leaving what has been our home for 12 years. My blog would have usually been updated with new animals and harvest time, but this year was different. We have all grown very much during this time of preparation getting ready to transition into a very new life. It hasn't been easy, but as it nears, we are slowly becoming more used to the idea of a new adventure together. Of course this isn't a great excuse to completely neglect posting, but with finishing school and the whirlwind of events that have happened, I completely lost interest in joyfully posting all our farm life news. Life moves on and it brings new adventures and accomplishments in life. Here are some updated pictures of the 4 youngest little ladies in our home =) 

Madison is growing and is developing such a sweet little personality! She is now talking and smiling very much! Within the past week she has also began to laugh =) Needless to say, we all adore her very much!

 Noelle, Katie, and Hannah helped prepare a very special treat for us all in the midst of boxes and packing tape!
 And this, well, I just don't have enough words for such love between these two babies!

As fall begins tomorrow, and yet again a new season begins, I am reminded of the new and beautiful stages of life! I will be sure to update at least when we have made it safely to Florida and are settling into a new home, community, and life!
Love and blessings, Lindsey <><