Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness

Recently Isaiah's basketball team played in a March Madness tournament. It was a weekend event, and although they didn't make it all the way, they still had a great time! I think most of the boys were relieved that they didn't have to play Sunday too!! The first game was on Friday night and we all ventured 45min. away for that game. We all had a good time and also ended up with an extra kid we brought home for the night! My grandfather was quite surprised when I informed him that we did school all day, did the animals, ate dinner, packed diaper bags, and had everyone ready and presentable :), and in the van buckled and pulling out of the driveway by 4:30pm, without Beth all day (until 4pm) I might add!! Saturday Chris, Isaiah, Isaiah's friend and teamate Sam, Beth and myself had to out of the house by 7:30am (with the animals done and having all had breakfast). At about 12am Saturday morning Chris finally took Sam's MP3 player away from Sam and Isaiah because they wouldn't sleep. I was really surprised that they were up and peppy at 6:30am!!! We had a really fun day watching games, shopping throughout the breaks of games, and Beth and I even managed to go pick up our DELICIOUS pork from the butchers. So here are some pictures of the action!

The team gathers before the start of their first game.
On the second day Isaiah participated in a foul shot competition. He did very well and got into the second round! Videos won't upload, but he did great!
Isaiah dribbles the ball to the basket.
This is the pass that Sam made to Isaiah for the first basket (on the first night). He swished it right in! Nice shot Isaiah!!!!!!
Nick gets a breakaway for a lay-up.
This what happens from a day full of basketball and endless other events!! It was probably 10minutes after we pulled out from the gym that he fell asleep!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

As many of you know, Beth's birthday is March 11th. Anyway, we had a birthday party for her last weekend and a DELICIOUS fondue party with just us on her actual birthday. I didn't get many good pictures from the party, but we had an enjoyable time with good food, friends, and a couple of games.
Here are some pictures from her actual birthday.
Oh, I cannot even describe to you how good the fondue was!!! We had never done it before (which is probably a very good thing), so it was nice to have a fun and new dinner together. For dinner we had a cheese sauce which we dipped chicken, french fries, and broccoli in. AMAZING!! I think the vote was that the french fries were the favorite for dinner. Then for dessert we had Sour Cream Pound Cake dipped in a chocolate sauce. The chocolate tasted just like s'mores, so if we had graham crackers we would have dipped those in also. And, if we hadn't eating enough, generous friends of ours gave us homemade ice-cream to go with it! Yah, I think we all gained at least 5 pounds!! Good thing spring is here and pretty soon we will be outside working hard with everything we have to do. At least we all enjoyed it :)
Food being prepared...
First batch of fries!
The luscious pound cake!
Drizzling the chocolate all over the ice cream!
The crowning glory of the evening!!!
Now here are some birthday pictures...
Everybody helps blow out the candles.
Opening gifts.
As per her request, I am posting this picture for Michelle. No Michelle, I wasn't lying when I said I would post this for you!! (Sorry Renee S.)
Yummy marble cake with chocolate icing!

The Most Handsome Farmer (and his Tractor) I Ever Did See

Because the weather has been absolutely beautiful, we are now able to keep our porch door open and Tim loves going out there! He comes down every morning and goes right to the door. It is still too chilly at 6:30am, so it kills him to wait until at least mid-morning, but I think it is worth it to him. Here are some cute pictures of the little-farmer-in-training....
Well, maybe this isn't the John Deere (or any kind that runs for that matter) I envision having, but it is the perfect size for Tim.
Checking out his boots! (Ignore the mess on the porch)
We just love him!! I love that he walks around with his hands behind his back like in this picture :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland Pictures

Okay, maybe not all of the pictures are of the winter wonderland, but I couldn't resist this one of Tim. Some families have varying opinions on binkies, we are for them. Now however, since Tim is older, we limit his "binky time" to mostly naptime and bedtime. So he decided to improvise and find his own binky, Noelle's "Hello Kitty" ring!! Thank you Mom for the cute picture!!

Now here are the Winter Wonderland pictures...
Our state bird the Chickadees...

I am not sure why, but this is my favorite picture. I guess I love it because of the way the light is and in the upper two corners it naturally darkened. I don't know, I just like it :) It is looking up to the top of a tree from underneath it.

Thankfully all the snow melted off the trees, but it was really pretty!!
PS Scroll down to the very bottom and check out the family I made for us!!