Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Photo Shoot

With adorable little siblings, a new Nikon. and cold, snowy days, what better thing to do than have a mini photo shoot!! I let the kids choose their poses to keep things relaxed, and I think the results were very satisfying. Don't you??

My beautiful mommy holding Katie Bug!!

I guess Katie couldn't decide if she wanted to smile or not!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nature Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of God's handiwork!!


Ginger Bread Houses

When Grandpa came up to do his annual "Santa" trip in December, he stayed for the weekend and made gingerbread houses with us. I have to salute him for taking on such an endeavor with all of us!! Here are a few pictures...

Chris and Isaiah worked together on a gingerbread house, but Chris handled most of the construction....
And Isaiah decorated it!!
Katherine wasn't so sure of the whole thing even though Grandpa assured here it was okay :)
Bekah and Hannah worked together on a house, but Beth helped during the construction phase.
After loads of icing and bags of candy, they were completed!!
Thank you Grandpa!!! Oh, and we also have to say a huge thank you to Grammy for letting him come and play with us!!!