Thursday, October 14, 2010

Playing in Leaves!!

Here are some sweet pictures of the 3 younger kids playing in some of the fallen leaves...

Hanny is always posing for me!!
Two adorable little girls!!
Hannah and Noelle were laying in the leaves and Timmy tried, but it didn't work so well!!

Throwing the leaves...

JUMP!!!! (Take a look at Tim's face!!)

More photos to come soon!!

Animal Pictures

I decided that because I have lots of pictures I would break them down into seperate post so that I wouldn't have a post that was a mile long!
Lacey celebrated her 2 year anniversary with us this past month!!
My baby!! HAHA!! This is Jasper, our beef critter.
My baby girl Cainey.

Isn't she so cute??
I didn't realize that this picture came out fuzzy and I'm disappointed, but Peanut is cute anyway. (Do I use "cute" a little too much?!?!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sample of future posts!!

I am very happy to say that my Nikon D5000 arrived on Friday afternoon!! I LOVE it!! It still hasn't sunk it that it is my camera and I'm still getting used to it. I haven't gone much further than "Auto" picture mode and I shot a few pictures using some "Scene" selections, but it is an AMAZING camera and I'm thrilled to own it! Right now I do not have time to do all kinds of posts with the already over 300 pictures I've taken, but for now here is a little sample...

(yes, this is random, but I had to try the "Food" setting while I was making breakfast!)

I'll be back soon to add TONS more pictures!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coming Soon!!!!!

Look what I am waiting to come in the mail in about a week!!!!! (photo from online)
Pretty soon I am going to post pictures of what we've been up to, but for now this is what I had time for. Right now I am SO, SO ecxited but I'll have to just wait patiently for it to come. I will post tons of pictures that I take once I get my new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!