Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sample of future posts!!

I am very happy to say that my Nikon D5000 arrived on Friday afternoon!! I LOVE it!! It still hasn't sunk it that it is my camera and I'm still getting used to it. I haven't gone much further than "Auto" picture mode and I shot a few pictures using some "Scene" selections, but it is an AMAZING camera and I'm thrilled to own it! Right now I do not have time to do all kinds of posts with the already over 300 pictures I've taken, but for now here is a little sample...

(yes, this is random, but I had to try the "Food" setting while I was making breakfast!)

I'll be back soon to add TONS more pictures!!!!!!

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  1. Lindsey, oh what should i say oh i guess ill just say it,,,,, ur weird haha jkjk

    -Cass <3