Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, some of you may not care, but I am putting pictures of some bottles we recently found so our uncle can see them. Okay, here are pictures I have right now and I will go take more soon!
I think I told you this bottle was "Henry Wilkenson", it is actually "Henry E. Wilken". Other names on the bottom are: "William Wilken" and "Harry E. Wilken Jr". We were able to do some research and found that these bottles were machine made probably in the 1930's. Because of this, it is not very valuable, but still interesting.

Sorry this is not a very good picture :( This bottle is the Singer Sewing Machine bottle that we think probably held oil for sewing machines. It is a screw top.
This is probably just a little medicine bottle. We just thought it was neat because of the dog on it.
Here is the side view of the bottle with the measurement increments.

I hope that this is somewhat of a help. We are planning to excavate more and I will post more pictures of bottles we have already found. Let us know if we are anywhere close to finding something valuable! Or if there are any helpful hints on which bottles would be worth something. We have done research on what would be more valuable such as handmade clear glass in the 1800's because clear glass as we know it now was pretty rare then, however we can't really just look at a bottle and estimate age or worth. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Pictures

Mom went for another ultrasound yesterday. Please be in prayer as mom will need to go to a better equipped hospital in Portland to have another ultrasound to check the baby's heart. They think that something is up with the heart, however it isn't life threatening. We are very thankful about that! If the baby does end up having something going on with her heart, the doctors will just monitor her after she is born. We aren't even sure if there is anything wrong, but we will know after the unltrasound in Portland. So if you think of it just keep Mom and the baby in your thoughts and prayers! I'll keep everything up to date. (People can have this condition and not even know so please don't take this "too seriously" [I guess are the words to use].) On the bright side, here are some pictures...

Noelle took this picture and wanted put up on the blog. Thank you Noelle!

Very happy after taking a look at the new pictures.
Admiring her new sister!
Her first new outfit! Isn't it cute!!!! Thank you Sarah!


April Vacation Pictures

After many failed attempts (and a few nights watching tons of Duggar episodes off YouTube) I am finally blogging! We had a really awesome visit with my Aunt Renee and cousins (minus the fact Chris had a stomach bug thing on Tuesday). Anyway, here are some pictures from their visit!
Hannah didn't want to smile or anything at me, but this one came out kinda cute. Both Hannah and CJ looked at Renee at the same time.
CJ looks kind of funny in this pictures, but this is so him (right now anyways). He always seemed to be playing with or sticking his tongue out. Our Chris has nicknamed him "Michael Jordan".
Every morning Kayla helped Rebekah clean out stalls and they groomed Cainey too!
Rebekah and CJ.
I took the kids down to the cemetary through a trail in the woods. So here they are heading down to the trail.
Benji and Isaiah were running down a hill and jumping across a small ditch. I caught Benji in mid air!
A group picture of us :)
Oh, and our tiger lillies are growing great!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers Bring....

SNOW?!?! Yesterday morning we woke up to snow. We weren't too happy, but thankfully it all melted really quickly. Even though it snowed almost the whole day we only accumulated some in the morning for a few hours and then it all melted. Here are a few pictures that I snapped.

Hanny sticks her tongue out to catch some falling flakes.
Jane checks out the snow!
The boys say "hello" too!
It was pretty for awhile.. although I had no problem with seeing it go :)
Thankfully the daffodils survived!

I hope you had a great day at church, Beth!! I can't wait to hear about it! Did you meet anyone fun ;) ? We send our love!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Timmy Wasn't Pleased With This Treat

When our grandmother came up last weekend to visit and pick up Beth, she also brought a very special treat....doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts! YUM! For some reason Tim wasn't too pleased. Check out these cute pictures!


I think he likes the chocolate icing...


Oh wait.... I guess not!

Well, even though Tim didn't like them, the rest of us really enjoyed them!

Quilt for Priscilla

Here are some pictures of a really pretty quilt that I put together. Although I wish I could take all the credit for it, I can't. Our cousin Barb sent me lots of material and patterns awhile ago and the top quilted part was in the box of treasures. I bought some yellow flannel for the backing and finally I put it together. It found a home on my cousin Priscilla's bed (or anywhere else she takes it!). I hope you like it Cilla!!

All washed, dried, and folded and ready to go to its new home.
The front with a corner folded back to show the yellow backing.
The beautiful pastel-colored quilt!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Hello! I just want to warn my readers that there may ending being really odd random things getting posted in the days to come. Beth is now in Massachusetts working at the Village Market and staying with family. Seeing as she won't be here, I will have to fill her in on everyday life!! Yesterday we went to Bangor and had Pizza Hut, went to Goodwill and Salvation Army, Home Depot, then got a snack and let the kids play at McDonalds, and lastly we stopped at Hannafords. I bought 4 skirts at Salvation Army!! I should have gone there a long time ago! We got other things too, but I will post pictures of some things now and more later. The kids had lots of fun at Home Depot! I took the four younger ones in one of the race car things and we just went through the store while Mom, Dad, Chris, and Bekah looked for the things Dad needed. I probably just have no idea because we never go out into that kind of civilization, but the race cars are better than the ones they used to have. Now you can put 2 kids up front where they normally sit in carriages (looking forward though) and then 2 more kids in the cart. It worked great! They LOVED the lights section and I wish you could have seen Hannah's face as we went through the PINK insulation aisle!! "WOW! It's beautiful" is what Hanny said as she folded her hands and her eyes widened in amazement! It was stacked so high the kids were afraid it would fall on us. Oh, and Tim was SO cute playing at the McDonald's play place! Hannah says that she misses you and loves you and she no longer thinks that Grammy is mean for taking you, but wants to know when you will be home. Okay I need to post pictures now so that I can finish helping get ready for the homeschool meeting! We love you!
Hannah's new jumper and princess slippers.
Bekah's new sneakers :)
Tim got adorable little sneakers that go perfectly with his basketball outfit!
And another one of Tim for good measure!

Have fun at work tonight!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Time With Play-Do

I decided to let Timmy play with Play-Do tonight while Hannah was playing with it... he LOVED it!! I stuck his binky in his mouth so that I didn't have to be right there with him the whole time making sure he wouldn't eat it (or attempt to). It kept both of the them entertained for a long time! I think we'll have to add this as another activity he can do now!
He doesn't look too thrilled, but I can assure you that he was!
Hanny was quite happy too!
Trying to figure out how to finish the rest of the toy tricycle :)

Puppy Love

Okay, I know, weird title, but I couldn't figure out anything else out with the time I had. All day long, especially in the morning, our chocolate lab Lacey sits and stares out the living room window watching the neighbor's male dog. This is no joke, they just sit looking at each other and whine. It drives us nuts that Lacey won't be quiet, but it's pretty funny. The funny thing is that they both do it whether they are inside or outside. The neighbor's dog even howls! So here is Lacey (with Tim looking too) checking out Max.(Sorry for the flash in the window)


Birthday Boquet

Noelle got a really pretty boquet of flowers for her birthday and we are still enjoying them!! Here are a couple pictures...

The whole thing.
I am very bad at identifying flowers so all I know is that this one is really pretty!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Newest Addition to the Farm

[ Editor's note (April 6): If anyone is wondering, yes, there will be a ninth baby added to the Reynolds family due around September 6th, 2010!! As of right now we think its a girl. I guess I should explain better; when Mom went for an ultra sound the technician said not to go out and buy pink clothes but that she was almost 100% sure it was a girl!!!!]