Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Noelle!!

This will be just on big post of Noelle's actual birthday and her party. There is quite a few pictures, so I won't write much except that we all had a great time both day and that I (we) can't believe that she is now 5 years old!! And (on a personal note) for some reason her and I have a very special relationship. I was really quite upset when I found out she would be added to our family, and while my view on this subjected has changed completely, I think the Lord allowed me to develop a very special realtionship with her as a part of the Lord's renewal in my life that changed my view of children!! We love you Noelle!!!!!
MARCH 24th
Noelle wanted to have us all set up a mini golf course in the house and then all play it together. It was alot of fun! Here are a few pictures...
Noelle did awesome on Chris's course (which was voted the most challenging)!
Rebekahs course with lots of obstacles!
Isaiah works on setting up his course.
My farm inspired course...
For her birthday dinner, Noelle chose pizza and ice cream sundaes! We put candles in her ice- cream so she would be able blow out candles after we sang to her.
Present time!!
She went on a scavenger hunt to find one of her gifts... a hula hoop!!
Isaiah did great and had fun, but we all had more fun watching and laughing I think!
Noelle did really well, too!!
And I had to end with this funny picture of her "princess" pose she did for me!!!
I am now having difficulty arranging pictures, so these are out of order.
Noelle got a really nice picture drawn by Josiah :)
Noah gave her a Play Mobile booklet, and believe it or not, she still carries it with her everywhere, and I even had to patch it up for her a couple of times!
Blowing out the candles...
Noelle decided this year she wanted a space themed party. This was her cake that she played a big part in designing! A man on a blue moon with his flag and spaceship, complete with lots of stars, another small space ship, and "space rocks".


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