Friday, April 23, 2010

April Vacation Pictures

After many failed attempts (and a few nights watching tons of Duggar episodes off YouTube) I am finally blogging! We had a really awesome visit with my Aunt Renee and cousins (minus the fact Chris had a stomach bug thing on Tuesday). Anyway, here are some pictures from their visit!
Hannah didn't want to smile or anything at me, but this one came out kinda cute. Both Hannah and CJ looked at Renee at the same time.
CJ looks kind of funny in this pictures, but this is so him (right now anyways). He always seemed to be playing with or sticking his tongue out. Our Chris has nicknamed him "Michael Jordan".
Every morning Kayla helped Rebekah clean out stalls and they groomed Cainey too!
Rebekah and CJ.
I took the kids down to the cemetary through a trail in the woods. So here they are heading down to the trail.
Benji and Isaiah were running down a hill and jumping across a small ditch. I caught Benji in mid air!
A group picture of us :)
Oh, and our tiger lillies are growing great!


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