Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, some of you may not care, but I am putting pictures of some bottles we recently found so our uncle can see them. Okay, here are pictures I have right now and I will go take more soon!
I think I told you this bottle was "Henry Wilkenson", it is actually "Henry E. Wilken". Other names on the bottom are: "William Wilken" and "Harry E. Wilken Jr". We were able to do some research and found that these bottles were machine made probably in the 1930's. Because of this, it is not very valuable, but still interesting.

Sorry this is not a very good picture :( This bottle is the Singer Sewing Machine bottle that we think probably held oil for sewing machines. It is a screw top.
This is probably just a little medicine bottle. We just thought it was neat because of the dog on it.
Here is the side view of the bottle with the measurement increments.

I hope that this is somewhat of a help. We are planning to excavate more and I will post more pictures of bottles we have already found. Let us know if we are anywhere close to finding something valuable! Or if there are any helpful hints on which bottles would be worth something. We have done research on what would be more valuable such as handmade clear glass in the 1800's because clear glass as we know it now was pretty rare then, however we can't really just look at a bottle and estimate age or worth. Please correct me if I'm wrong.



  1. Hi Lindsey,
    I'll show Uncle Byron these the next time he's here. He also mentioned that if there are any words on the bottle to write what they are with the post if you can becuase sometimes it is hard to read the bottles from the pics. They are really neat. I look forward to seeing more of your finds. Love you all, Beth

  2. i found one of the old sewing oil bottles, can u tell me how much its worth?, just curious really!.

  3. i just found the same harry wilken bottle this week while kayaking on the delaware bay in new jersey...googled and your site came up...i also saw another site where the bottle had on the opposite side of face, paper label. thanks