Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Update

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay! I haven't taken any pictures lately except for these of the pigs loaded to go to slaughter. Yah, I know, pretty exciting right...not! We have a couple homeschool events this week so I'll post some near the end of the week. The pigs weighed in at 247lbs, 230lbs, 235lbs, and Jane was 210lbs! We did pretty good, I think, seeing as we kept them one month less than Izzy.
Poor Tarzan had the roughest time :( He didn't even get up to see me when I checked on them in the morning. Poor guy!

Oops, this is kind of a bad picture. Oh well. Jane peeked her head around the corner to say bye.

If they only knew where they were going!! They were the best pigs we have had so far seeing as Jane only got out of the fence once after we moved them outside.

Until next time, Lindsey

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