Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sheep Shearing

Well, I was finally able to take some time to blog the homeschool sheep shearing fieldtrip.
Not anything very fun going on to report, especially seeing as we have had to do a couple wood stoves the past couple of days. Need I say more :( Oh, we do have nice blossoms on the trees!
Our friend Mr L. just happens to be a sheep shearer so he did the shearing at the fieldtrip. Here he is explaining one of the positions you can put sheep in that they can't get out of and because they know they can't get away, they just sit. Pretty cool :)
TA-DA! Another position where the sheep can't move!
Some girls take an oppurtunity to listen and learn from the owner of the sheep.
This is an older lamb. They are all so cute!
Some of the herd came to visit us.
Hello there ;)
Some of the wool products from these sheep.

This was another great educational fieldtrip that everyone enjoyed. We even got to spin and card some of the wool. Even though we couldn't do the actual shearing, the owner made sure that there were other activities to entertain the kids. We all had lots of fun.

We love you and miss you Beth!


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