Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oral Presentation

Hey all! We had a homeschool oral presentation Friday night so I have a few pictures to share. Unfortunately my camera battery was pretty much dead and I din't know that until I got turned it on. Oh well. They didn't come out good, but here are the few that I got!

One of the boys did a cannon demonstration. It was really neat! No, he didn't fire anything dangerous!
This young lady was the first to go :( She did really well though!

These little boys sang "Jesus Loves Me" and did great. They were so cute!!!

This little girl did a little report on guinea pigs and then showed us her two guinea pigs, Wilma and Matilda.

This was a drawing that the little girl on the right drew of her cat. She also told us a little bit about him.

Yup, I told you there was only a few and that they were bad. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends, we are having AMAZING weather!


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