Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funny Faces

I, as you can tell, have been slacking in posting. I took a few pictures of some goofy Timmy faces last night and thought ya'll would get a kick out of them. Oh, guess what???!!! We got a vacuum!!!! I got it today and even though it is just a cheap one, we all were claiming different rooms to vacuum!! Me and Mom were arguing (not in anger) in Wal-Mart about getting the vacuum. I finally told Mom, "Hey, I am not sweeping the rugs anymore and I don't think you want to either, so too bad I am buying it!" So, she had no other choice :) HAHA, I won!

Goofy Tim picture #1

Peek-a-Boo :)
I love you Beth!!

Oh, yah. Noelle and Hannah had a "picnic" yesterday!!

I hope you have an awesome weekend, Beth!

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  1. Cute pics Lindsay! I awarded you over at my blog:)

    Love U,