Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Hello! I just want to warn my readers that there may ending being really odd random things getting posted in the days to come. Beth is now in Massachusetts working at the Village Market and staying with family. Seeing as she won't be here, I will have to fill her in on everyday life!! Yesterday we went to Bangor and had Pizza Hut, went to Goodwill and Salvation Army, Home Depot, then got a snack and let the kids play at McDonalds, and lastly we stopped at Hannafords. I bought 4 skirts at Salvation Army!! I should have gone there a long time ago! We got other things too, but I will post pictures of some things now and more later. The kids had lots of fun at Home Depot! I took the four younger ones in one of the race car things and we just went through the store while Mom, Dad, Chris, and Bekah looked for the things Dad needed. I probably just have no idea because we never go out into that kind of civilization, but the race cars are better than the ones they used to have. Now you can put 2 kids up front where they normally sit in carriages (looking forward though) and then 2 more kids in the cart. It worked great! They LOVED the lights section and I wish you could have seen Hannah's face as we went through the PINK insulation aisle!! "WOW! It's beautiful" is what Hanny said as she folded her hands and her eyes widened in amazement! It was stacked so high the kids were afraid it would fall on us. Oh, and Tim was SO cute playing at the McDonald's play place! Hannah says that she misses you and loves you and she no longer thinks that Grammy is mean for taking you, but wants to know when you will be home. Okay I need to post pictures now so that I can finish helping get ready for the homeschool meeting! We love you!
Hannah's new jumper and princess slippers.
Bekah's new sneakers :)
Tim got adorable little sneakers that go perfectly with his basketball outfit!
And another one of Tim for good measure!

Have fun at work tonight!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Hannah, I like your new jumper and shoes. Lindsey the skirts look awesome but I especially like the pink one :D Bekah, it looks like you have some comfy, fun shoes and Timmy as always look adorable even if he has smegma on his face. Love you guys. I'll let you know how work goes :)Thanks for keeping me updated!! Beth