Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

As many of you know, Beth's birthday is March 11th. Anyway, we had a birthday party for her last weekend and a DELICIOUS fondue party with just us on her actual birthday. I didn't get many good pictures from the party, but we had an enjoyable time with good food, friends, and a couple of games.
Here are some pictures from her actual birthday.
Oh, I cannot even describe to you how good the fondue was!!! We had never done it before (which is probably a very good thing), so it was nice to have a fun and new dinner together. For dinner we had a cheese sauce which we dipped chicken, french fries, and broccoli in. AMAZING!! I think the vote was that the french fries were the favorite for dinner. Then for dessert we had Sour Cream Pound Cake dipped in a chocolate sauce. The chocolate tasted just like s'mores, so if we had graham crackers we would have dipped those in also. And, if we hadn't eating enough, generous friends of ours gave us homemade ice-cream to go with it! Yah, I think we all gained at least 5 pounds!! Good thing spring is here and pretty soon we will be outside working hard with everything we have to do. At least we all enjoyed it :)
Food being prepared...
First batch of fries!
The luscious pound cake!
Drizzling the chocolate all over the ice cream!
The crowning glory of the evening!!!
Now here are some birthday pictures...
Everybody helps blow out the candles.
Opening gifts.
As per her request, I am posting this picture for Michelle. No Michelle, I wasn't lying when I said I would post this for you!! (Sorry Renee S.)
Yummy marble cake with chocolate icing!

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