Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farm Update

I just wanted to put some pictures up of some of the progress of things around here. I didn't get pictures of everything so you'll have to keep being patient and wait for them. The pictures will not be in any particular order seeing as it's getting late and I need to be up early (well I should say earlier than when we have been getting up!).

We have ample supplies of black-eyed susans!!
Noelle and Hannah were trying to fly a kite tonight.
Hannah wanted to make a funny face because she said it would make Beth laugh!!
Noelle requested that I put this picture up even though it is blurry.

CHEESE!!!! Trey was being a nut when I was trying to take pictures of him. He is one week from his eternal departure from us and I am really going to have a hard time ;( I know, I know, it's pretty pathetic but he has been with us since he was a couple days old and we have been thru alot together!

The apples are doing well. (Oh yah, sorry for any odd colorations in the pictures. I didn't take pictures till later this evening and some shots needed the flash so they came out a little funny.)
Chris and Dad have been doing some burning and straightening up of the fire place thing ( a loss for words) area.
Blueberries are doing really well! YUM!!!
Our tomatoes are flourishing this year and we have already gotten to eat a few cherry tomatoes!
The pigs are also doing well and LOVE to eat all the weeds from the garden.
Squash plant...
These are our soldier beans.
Corn, corn, and more corn...

Noelle "hiding" in the corn!
Grean beans...
These are more grean beans that we planted after the original rows of grean beans to space out when we would need to pick them.
The peas are finally blossoming!!
I hope you all enjoyed the update! More to come soon...hopefully!!
Love and Blessings, Lindsey


  1. The farm looks wonderful and flourishing!!!! Hannah, I loved your funny face and it did make me laugh!! I really liked the pic of NOelle "hiding in the corn". Wow! I didn't realize that Trey would be leaving already; time sure does fly! Lindsey, the day he leaves feel free to call and I will try my utmost to console you :( Have you taught Jasper how to kiss you yet? The pigs look great and so does all the produce. It won't be long before the scramble to put everything up. You are all doing a great job; can't wait to see more!!! Love and miss you all, Beth

  2. Thanks for the offer! I knew it would happen, but I didn't realize I would be so attached to both of them. Yes, Jasper does give me kisses but thankfully not with his tongue! He is like another dog! If Chris takes him out while I am doing other chores he moo's until I go and see him; even if I fed him his grain and gave him attention already! This morning he came out of his stall before I got the lead rope on his halter but he just followed me outside; however I decided it would be a better idea to have a rope on him just in case :) He cracks me up!! Love you and miss you lots, Lindsey

  3. You crack me up!!!! It's a good thing that you had/have sympathy, pity, and compassion for the cows. Who knows where Trey would have been without you??? Hope you had a blast playing paint ball!!! I expect to see pics!! Love ya, Beth

  4. the farm looks great!I really like the picture of Hannah and Noelle.If Orrin could see it he would probally point and say "those are my girlfrends"!!!
    Do you know who I am? say hi to Rebekah for me.

  5. HAHA Rebecca... You don't fool me!!! Thanks for the comment :) I hope you are having fun with Grammy Sue!!! Rebekah says "hi"!!

    See you soon, Lindsey

  6. Hi,everyone i'm at grammie Sue's this week.Beth,do you know when you are coming home? I know mine is not as good as Rebecca's,
    but I am not as good at anything Rebecca does.I am leaving Unity on Sunday or Monday.

  7. Hello,
    I hope that you are having fun at Grammy Sue's. I will be coming home to visit when my mom has the baby and I'm going to be figuring a time to come home to stay. I'm not sure of the exact date yet. Say hi to all of your family for me.

    As for my family I can't wait to see you and the land clearing project. The yard must seem very different. Love you all very mucha nd send many hugs, kisses and squeezes, Beth