Thursday, August 5, 2010

Land Clearing Update

Man, oh man have we been busy! If anyone cares to know I will update you of this past week... last Friday I cleaned, Saturday we had to be out of the house by 8:30am to paintball(!!!!!), we paintballed until 3:15pm, went home to do barn chores then left home again to go to a party. PHEW!! We got thru 2 whole days! Shall we continue??... Sunday we (me, dad and Chris) were up by 5am to go fight a forest fire. We worked all day, however I (we) had Monday off. Tuesday the hot-shots in our house went to clean up after the forest fire we finished putting out on Sunday, Wednesday we cleaned the hose from the forest fire just mentioned and then also took care of a .10 of an acre camp-fire-gone-bad fire. Today I babysat pretty much all day and tomorrow I have to clean again! So, I think I have a pretty good excuse for not blogging this past week. Plus, we had to keep up on regular household chores and barn chores! Now that I have completely bored you all to death (please stick with me!), let's look at some progress pictures of land clearing.
Rebekah commented that people that drove by and didn't know that our land was getting cleared would think that we were completely wierd for having our fire pit in the middle of nowhere!

Talking over the progress being made.
Trees anyone??

This is only the beginning!
The equipment getting brought in Monday morning.
This little man LOVED watching the whole operation.
A look at Timmy's point of view.

I haven't been down today or yesterday to see the progress, but I will have to go check it out and post some pictures!
Blessings, Lindsey

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