Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keeping Themselves Entertained...

Most times (I said most), Hannah and Noelle do a good job playing together and finding ways to entertain themselves. From playing house and school, to drawing and reading books to each other, it really helps during the day. They do preschool and kindegarten papers as well with us, but it is very helpful that they are content with playing with each other. Here are a couple of the ways they occupy themselves...
Hannah and Noelle took almost all, if not all, of the Little People and created a set-up on Hannah's couch. They were SO proud of it!!
A close-up of the people.
Noelle drew this incredibly cute picture on the Magna Doodle...
When asked, Noelle told me, "It's just a funny guy with glasses and lots, and lots of teeth". Oh, Noelle is just too cute!!


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