Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell Fair Piggy

Yesterday Izzy was brought to the butcher :( Isaiah wasn't very happy so I told him to go down and say goodbye and I would take some pictures. So he did.
Isaiah bids Izzy farewell...

Chewing on the rubber of his boots for the last time...

Dad built a crate that we loaded her into and then loaded it up on a snow mobile sled, pushed it up to the driveway, and then hoisted it into the bed of dad's truck. To my surprise anyway, it went very well. She didn't go willingly into the crate, so we put a rope around her middle and Dad and Chris pulled her in and I screwed the plywood on the back. She squealed some but once she remembered that her slop and grain were in the crate, she stopped squealing and ate. From then on she was fine and actually didn't even want to get out of the crate at the butchers (who would??). We were hoping to get at least 200lbs of meat from her and when we found out that her hanging weight was 252lbs(!!!!!!!) we were thrilled. That is alot of meat! YEAH!! Now we just have to wait patiently for a couple of weeks to get the finished product.

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