Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vacation Time!!

Except for the fact that Connor and Alex got the stomach bug on Monday, we had a great visit with our family! We had a relaxed few days watching movies, playing Wii, and playing games. They were also able to come to our homeschool Valentine's party with us. I didn't take many pictures, and for some reason didn't get a good one of Alex (sorry Alex, I really do love you!).
The cutest little toddler!! I think this is probably one of the only picture without too much noticeable drool :)
I caught Connor's reaction as he played a card (in a game that we were playing) that allowed him to steall ALL of EVERYONES resource of his choice! I can assure you nobody else thought it was funny!
Here is the game board of the game "Settlers of Catan" we were playing when Connor played the card mentioned above. It is a very fun game that a gracious friend let us borrow for awhile Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L. and family!! . It has alot of strategy and the ability to barter and trade involved.

This last picture is a sweet one of Chris and Priscilla cuddling :o


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