Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outside Fun

Here are some really cute pictures of when the kids were outside playing...

Isaiah and Noelle!!

Hannah, Isaiah, and Noelle all play in the front yard. (Notice how small the snow banks are ;)
It was so nice out today that Mommy took Tim out for awhile and he loved it. After I said that I can't imagine what this summer will be like with him always wanting to be out, Mom said, "I can, bug bitten and swollen from never coming inside!" He absolutely loves being outdoors even all bundled up! Here are a few, okay, maybe more than a few, of the cutest little man ever!!

These next four were taking in sequence...
Seriously, can it get cuter??!!! Here is the last one of Timmy. He just stood here for a long time just taking everything in...
We are now anticipating the arrival of our aunt and three cousins this Saturday. We are SO excited and just can't wait!!

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