Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Great Time of Celebration

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our cousin's wedding! I would like share some pictures of the great time we had.

The sign everyone drove by heading towards where the ceremony and reception took place.

Three handsome dudes waiting for the wedding to begin.

I didn't get very good ceremony pictures, but these are some ones after the ceremony.

The whole wedding party. Elizabeth is the 3rd to the right.

The beautiful bride.

Bride and Groom.
The reception area.

The awesome centerpieces!!

The scrabble letter cake. The Groom proposed writing "MARRY ME" while playing scrabble, so this cake was very special to them.

They had beautiful, personalized napkins made.

The breakfast-for-dinner (the food was SOOO good!) menu with a napkin.

Noey smiles for me while waiting for dinner.

My cousin Alex smiles with a mouth full of food!

Elizabeth with two of our cousins, Priscilla and Halie.

Priscilla and Beth.
On Memorial Day we stayed at our aunt and uncle's until about 3pm, so we got to swim and have a little cookout. Here are a couple of pictures.
Back row: Kayla, Rebekah, and Chris
Front row: Isaiah and Benji
Noey wasn't completely naked as she paddled (rowed) herself around the pool! ;-)

We also had a really great time hanging out here too! I'll post pictures of our apple trees in bloom soon!

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