Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello to all. 'Tis the season for baseball and softball. I thought I would do some pictures of one of Rebekah's game. Isaiah hasn't had games yet, but when he does I hope to get some pictures up. This is the second year our town has had a softball league, and the girls have come a long way. The games have been very fun and exciting to watch. They have won 2 out of 4, so considering the teams they lost against, they have done outstanding. Rebekah plays catcher and is very good at it. Noelle has also started t-ball this year! :-( It is so unbeleivable she is old enough to play...they grow up too fast! I will also do a game of hers when she has one. Okay, enjoy the pictures.

Rebekah ready for the ball. She chose number 8 as her jersey number... wonder why?!

A friend of hers makes contact with the ball and gets a single.

Slaters playing defense.

A pitcher of ours.

And finally, we couldn't forget the cheering squad composed of Isaiah, his two friends, and Noelle. They were SO cute. Not to mention when they started cheering, we had a very exciting couple of innings with lots of hits and RBI's.


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