Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Timmy's Reaction to Flash

Hello. This post is entirely Timmy. He is SO cute! When I was taking pictures of him yesterday, he caught on to that every time he heard the little "ding" noise of my camera focusing that the flash was coming. He was making making some REALLY funny faces at me. I took a video of him with my camera and just made the sound. He is the best in the beginning of the video, but still cute for the rest. Tim also learned at the end of the video that it wasn't flashing at him so he didn't make as funny faces. The pictures are adorable too. Enjoy!
Timmy poses.

Some pictures in-sequence of his faces.

Isn't he TOO cute???!!!

Isaiah's first game is tonight, so I will be posting his game soon.


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  1. Hey Lindsey,
    He is so cute. This post is definately one of my favorites. Can't wait to show everyone. Grammy and I were laughing at Tim all over again. I had been meaning to see if you had posted it yet but hadn't had the chance until this morning. So I should be able to show everyone this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing pics of Isaiah's game. Miss you guys. Will see you all soon. Love, Beth