Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Are Still Alive =)

Here is a picture-filled post to start catching everyone up on what we have been up to!

The garden tilled and ready to have seeds planted.

Carrot beds that Chris and I built.

But then Chris left me all alone to fill them, so Rebekah did some scooping!

Rows of...

Bush Beans!!

A dandelion blowing in the wind...

Weeding out some of the blueberry bushes...

Of course we couldn't forget these cute faces!! (Did you notice that they are both wearing cowboy/girl boots??)

Busy Bees on the blueberry bushes :)

Lovely clouds on a summer evening

And lastly, a few pictures of Lacey and Benjamin Bunny playing in the yard...

Aren't they SO cute??


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