Sunday, January 18, 2009


I thought while I was on here I would do a really quick update of the weather. Actually this was fairly warm seeing as when Dad was up at 3:30am to load wood stoves it was -21. This does not include wind chill either! Friends of ours reported -42! Not joking either! It has gotten somewhat warmer, but we still will be looking forward to spring! So all those pittying themselves about having to deal with 30 degrees, please think of us!! HAHA! Looking forward to showing you all our newest accomplishment in our house!
Love you all, Lindsey on behalf of everyone!


  1. Great job.... Love the butterfly pic. I don't think we'll be seeing spring for a while. HAHA

  2. Hey Lindsey, once again, great job. I wills stop complaining about our cold and snow now. Although I do always think of you whenever I think we are having a cold stretch and am just thankful that we aren't up there! I love the blog and can't wait to see the house pics!

  3. Thanks Darcy! I know, it is wishful thinking!

  4. Thanks Auntie Nay-Nay! I will be updating soon!
    Love always, Lindsey