Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home on the Farm

Hello one and All!! I guess it is the season for blogs! For a while now we have wanted to start a blog, seeing as all of our family is spread across the country. We thought this would be a nice way to keep everyone updated and be able to put pictures up for all to see. With many requests coming in to see all of our livestock we raised, our newest arrival, and just everyday life happenings in general, this is definately the best way to go!

We would like to do a re-cap of the summer with some pictures of our garden, the pigs, the chickens, and other fun and exciting things we did over the summer, and even before and after. Hopefully we will be able to get everyone up to speed on the life of the Reynolds. We hope you all will check back often as we hope to continually post everything going on. Please enjoy everything you see, maybe even tell us what you think, but most of all...... ENJOY!

Love Always, The Reynolds

These were our adorable piglets, Piggybank and Ethel, on their first day running free in their area!


  1. they are so cute.....and precious, I can't believe you ate them.... how could you. Sarah H.

  2. linds you are such a great photographer!! thanks for keeping us updated..cant wait to hear more!

  3. Sarah, I know!! I still feel guilty EVERY time I see the pork on the table!!! Oh well, they are really good! See you later, Lindsey

  4. Green grass and piglets, SPRING!! It won't come soon enough :) I look forward to reading your blog.