Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Elizabeth's New Room!

After a very long time of being out of her room, Beth was finally able to have the space she once called her own back. Last Monday was her first night in her finished room, and boy was she happy! Her idea in the beginning for her decor for the room, was to be able to match the red carpet. No, that was not her choice of carpet, but is has been there since we moved in, and because it was in good condition, she decided to play the design off of that. I think she did a great job! After priming, we were able to put on her wall color, a beige, and then used the same color on the pine v-match that runs horizontally around the entire room. It did take some time to stretch the paint out enough in order to get the look she wanted, but it was well worth it. It also took her a long time to stencil, and after much stress, she is now able to enjoy it all!
After getting the trim put up, the base board put up, and the rug cleaned, she was able to put up the curtain, and bring in the bed. She has a BEAUTIFUL bed set that she got for Christmas, and she is enjoying it the way it is right now....CLEAN! :-) I hope you all enjoy the pictures of the finished room and I will do Mom and Dad's room when their carpet is installed on Thursday.
Love, Lindsey

Her bed with the bed set on! (Not on the frame though.) (Closet to the right.)

Her new window and window treatment!

The antique-washed pine with rose and vine stencil

Her beautifully embroidered bed set!


  1. Very Pretty. Thanks for the updates. Your trip to Georgia looks like it was alot of fun too.

  2. Thanks Beverly!! Our trip to Georgia was a lot of fun! We are praying for your health, and the baby's health, as you continue through your pregnancy. Looking forward to being able to see pictures of the baby and more of Kaylie. (gosh is she cute! ;-) Love from all of us, the Reynolds

  3. Elizabeth must love having her room back. It is very pretty. She did a great job stenciling and painting. Enjoy Elizabeth :)

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  5. Kerri, Elizabeth would like me to tell you thank you, and that she is enjoying every moment in her new room! Lindsey