Friday, January 30, 2009

What We've Been Up To

As many of you probably know, this time of year is basketball season. I thought that, even though I said I was going to post something different, I would do more current things going on. Plus, I knew where all my current pictures were and I would have to have time to search the archives for my older ones. The first picture I have to the right is of Rebekah looking on as some of her other teammates play. She is (starting from the far right) third to the left.

The second picture I have posted below, is of assistant coach Chris showing his boys at the warm-up before a game how to do a REAL lay-up! Chris really misses playing, however he has been enjoying coaching too. He really has a talent at basketball, so I decided to put one of him up too.

This picture below is one of Isaiah and his teammates as they match up on the center line. He is the first lined up closest to us with his arms resting on his hips. Sorry I don't have any action ones of them playing, but because Chris and I referee the games, I don't take pictures at the same time!

The pictures next are some of a craft we let the kids do when the weather was below zero. I am REALLY sorry for the immodesty, however it is much easier to wipe paint off their skin than get it off their clothes.

Hannah and Noelle do colorful paintings!

Noelle informs me that she has "accidentally" broken her paint brush!

Hannah looks a little dazed as she paints!

However, my absolute favorite work of art (sorry everyone else, you did a great job too!) was Rebekah's. She used the technique of putting the paint on one side and folding the paper in half. I thought it looked better than most (okay all) of the abstract art I have ever seen! I wanted to know if you guys might write what you think this picture looks like. I already have my idea, and I wanted to see what others thought!

I have also been taking pictures of the daily visitors that come to the house.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at everything, and I will definitely try to finish the "animal story" soon. We send lots of love to all, The Reynolds


  1. How do you find time to do all you do? What did you get for winning the picture contest?

  2. I don't know! Honestly I don't know, I guess it is just the fact that I am used things being chaotic around here and learn how to use the computer when the younger girls going to bed, as long as my schoool got done! I didn't get a prize or anything, however it is going to be in the newspaper with my name and maybe other info. If I was a photographer that sold pictures it would be really good for my name. I'm not selling any pictures right now, but the lady who runs the photo shop said that she thinks I probably should, I just haven't really talked to her in depth about. Thanks for the comment! Love always, Lindsey

  3. Hi, cool picture rebeka, I think I saw this guy on Gilligans Island once that looks like rebeka's painting! Darcy

  4. I think it kind of looks like a squished frog. Or some kind of tribal mask! Cool pic though, and after studying are extensively in college (including abstract art) I have to agree with you-It is better than most! Enjoying the blog as usual. Keep up the good work and congrats on the picture. You should totally talk to the shop owner about selling some prints! -Renee
    ps I hope this works I don't know what it means to choose a profile :-)